Win a £25 Hungry House voucher

Suggest a feature in the comments to take part

Update 29th October: 

Voting for Hungry House’s next feature is now open on the Hungry House Blog. Take part for your chance to win a £25 voucher.

Update 25th October: 

Congratulations to Melissa Kellard who is the winner of the voucher. Melissa’s suggested feature was:

I think there should be a feature to check on what stage your order is at, ie. ‘in the oven’, ‘out for delivery’ etc. It would be a really useful tool and it would minimise the amount of customers calling in to check on their orders!

This will also be entered into a grand prize draw on the Hungry House Blog, with voting opening on the 28th October and the winner announced on the 30th.

Thanks to all of you that took part, there were some great suggestions offered for the app. Check back to the Clove Blog for more competitions in the future.


This week we are teaming up with online takeaway service Hungry House to give you the chance to win a £25 voucher to spend on a meal of your choice.

To take part, simply download the Hungry House app for iPhone or Android and suggest a feature that you think would improve the app in the comments at the bottom of this post.

The competition is now open and will run until midnight (GMT) on Thursday 24th October 2013. We’ll then announce the winner here on the Clove Blog on Friday 25th October. 


We have previously reviewed the Hungry House iPhone app for the Clove Blog and were impressed with what it had to offer. Whether you’ve used the app before or you’re a first time user, suggest a new feature below for your chance to win.

Once we’ve picked a winner we’ll email the £25 voucher code through to you, which can then be redeemed on the Hungry House website. This is more than enough to order a family sized meal, but should your order come to more than £25 you can pay the remaining balance using PayPal or credit card. The voucher is valid for use until the end of this year.

We will keep this competition open to all readers, but Hungry House is a UK only service so please bear in mind that you will not be able to order from overseas if you do win from outside of the UK.

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  1. Steve Whitehouse says:

    Here’s my suggestion, release Hungry House app on Kindle Fire, otherwise searching “Hungry House” brings up Just Eat app

    • Actually just checked.. hungryhouse has an Android app on the Amazon store. You can find it if you type in “hungryhouse” – all one word.

  2. Melissa kellard says:

    I think there should be a feature to check on what stage your order is at, ie. ‘in the oven’, ‘out for delivery’ etc. It would be a really useful tool and it would minimise the amount of customers calling in to check on their orders!

  3. I like the app I found it really easy to use. Would use it again

  4. The app should allow users in the past to take images of their food and contribute to ratings etc.

  5. I think there should be an app linked with a loyalty scheme, so every time you use it say 5 times it gives you £5 off your next order.

  6. Lynn Savage says:

    I have the app, was really easy to find and install. Did notice though that i couldn’t remove items when reordering so had to start again. Would also be helpful to have more information in the ‘more info’ section such as dietary needs eg Halal, gluten free options or desserts available. Other than that it’s pretty good.

  7. Kellie Faggle Mcintyre says:

    Absolutely love the app-very easy to use and a great choice of restaurants. A “Best in your area” section based on customer reviews would be fantastic. So your postcode would be taken into consideration and all Take aways with the best reviews close to you would show up. This could be done on an overall basis-so if the person wasn’t sure what to eat or an individual basis. So all the best Chinese restaurants in your area would appear if that is the meal of your choice.

  8. The app is really great, but they should have a live tracker of your order, or a way to see if it’s been cooked and out for deilvery..when you get an ETA, sometimes you wonder if it will be 30 or 90 minutes

  9. Viv Gilbey says:

    I like the app, it’s quick and easy to use. What I would like to do is to be able to search by cuisine e.g Chinese/Indian takeaways in my area.

  10. Chris Ward says:

    Congratulations to Melissa Kellard who has been chosen as the winner of the voucher. Thanks to everyone that took part.