• Free Evernote Premium (worth £35) with the Galaxy Note 3

    By Chris Ward , October 9, 2013 - Leave a comment

    Free Evernote Premium on the Note 3

    One of the selling points of the Galaxy Note 3 that has not been heavily advertised is that it comes with a year’s worth of Evernote Premium, which would usually set you back around £35.

    The Note 3 has been built with added integration for Evernote and any notes created within S Note can now be saved straight to the app. If you make use of the Note’s productivity features but do not use Evernote, you really must give it a try. It’s the kind of app that you need to use fully to benefit from, but it’s well worth it once you have taken the plunge.

    How to get Premium

    Our device did not receive the notification about the upgrade immediately; it came through about a week after we started using the handset. The notification did appear when we connected using 3G for the first time, although that could be coincidental.

    It looks as though you may be able to force the update by going to ‘Explore Evernote’ at the bottom of the main menu within the app and then scrolling down to ‘Special Samsung Upgrade’ at the bottom of the next menu. This will then gift you 120 Evernote Points, which can be used to redeem a year’s Premium subscription. If you already have a premium subscription, the 12 free months will be added to the end of its expiry date.

    Galaxy Note 3 evernote premium menu Galaxy Note 3 evernote premium Evernote Note 3

    Evernote Premium adds some great features to Evernote, including:

    • More space for file uploads (1GB instead of 100MB on the free tier)
    • The ability to search within PDFs and office documents attached to notes
    • Sync notebooks for offline access
    • Add a PIN lock to the mobile app
    • PDF annotation in their companion app, Skitch
    • View related notes on Evernote desktop apps
    • Text to speech with companion reading app, Clearly
    • Unlimited scanning of business cards with companion app, Hello

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  • I collected my Note 3 at the launch event in London on the 24th. I already knew about the content gifts that were meant to be included with the device from the microsite but in reality, this hasn’t been as described. Along with the 1 year Evernote Premium, among other things, we are supposed to get: free download of Oxford Advanced Learner’s A-Z, free 12 week Subscription to The New York Times for Android and a Blurb coupon but I haven’t found any of these or seen how to get them anywhere. I contacted Samsung and have yet to hear back from them. As to the Evernote Premium, I have not had a notification nor have I got the “Special Samsung Upgrade” link at the bottom of the Explore Evernote list. Anyone else?!

  • Strange that you guys only got three months. I did have a monthly premium subscription already but I shouldn’t think that that would make a difference.

    Did it just give you 30 points then?

    Luke, it may be that it is taking a while to roll out to people. I hadn’t seen anything about the other offers, are they supposed to be exclusive to handsets picked up at the launch?

    • No mention of points at all; I think I’d signed in when I first installed Evernote on the Note 3 a couple of weeks back, just fired it up again today, and a splash screen that had to connect (flakily) to the internet said I had three free months. Guess I ought to play with it and see how it works…

      • Strange!

        Very much worth it once you get into it. The new web clipper for Chrome is very good and it has now replaced Pocket for me.

  • Right I have at least found out how to get the apps. From the microsite link I posted above, click the “Samsung Apps” link right at the bottom of the page, log in or create a Samsung account, choose the N9005 device (if you have more than one device) and then click the “Content Gifts” at the top of the navigation bar on the left. All the freebies, well the apps anyway, should all come up. Still don’t know about the Evernote and Blurb coupon though.

    • You can actually directly get these apps from the Category – Content Gifts tab of the Samsung Apps app on the Note 3 without going through the microsite, mostly a pretty unremarkable bunch though.

      • Ian, you are right on both counts. I think that the freebie stuff have only just been added, because I actually checked all of this on Samsung App store when I first got the phone. They are not the greatest gifts but they are free so might as well make the most of it. The one I really want is the Evernote Premium and that is the one that I can’t work out at all! It might be worth stating that the SNote app that is on the Note 3 is an updated version and does not sync with all of the older SNotes and SMemos that you may have created with the Windows 8 SNote app or on the original Note (I am not sure about the Note 2), until Samsung update the rest.

        • Yep, old (Note 2) SNotes don’t sync with the Note 3 either, which is a bit of a bummer if you’re upgrading from the 2 to the 3. 🙁

          • Exactly, it seems a bit stupid. It was great to know that I could write and edit all my notes from my Win8 laptop and phone. I can only hope Samsung update the rest of the SNote apps on every platform. On the plus side the new SNotes are saved in a different file format which actually show up properly from within Evernote, not just weird attachments.

  • i got a movie coupon as well when i first launched the hub, got some pop up mentioning it and later got a email too. one video voucher, one time use only, expires 26.10.13.

    one learning voucher worth £6.5, one time use only irrespective of funds remaining, expires on same date as above.

    got the free apps mentioned above but not the 1y NY times subscription, just the free app.

    cant see the offer for evernote premium yet.

  • I bought my N9005 in Qatar and it has activated the Evernote 12 month freebie as soon as I went to the app on my phone.

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