• Sony SmartWatch 2 – in stock, shipping next week

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    Some good news for you this afternoon. We can confirm that the SmartWatch 2 are now in stock. As of next week, we will be shipping all Sony SmartWatch 2 orders with either the Black Silicone or Metal wristband

    The shipping of smartwatch’s includes all those that were offered FREE when purchased with a Sony Xperia Z Ultra or Sony Xperia Z1.

    As soon as your order has been dispatched, you will be notified.

    We kindly ask that you do not email or call us with an update on your specific order as we will email you when your order ships.

    If you have not yet ordered one and you would like one, you can get one here.


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  • awesome news, one doubt though i ordered it with xperia z1 which had the offer for smartwatch with silicone strap, could i get it with a metal strap instead? or should i buy it seperately?

    • Hi Nandeep, all the free Smartwatches will be delivered with a silicone strap. The metal strap should be available for purchase separately

    • Hi Mike – we have although we have an unprecedented amount to get through due to the backlog of free units from Z1 & Z Ultra orders that have accumulated.
      Separate orders will have their own tracking number as standard which will be provided when the package is shipped.
      Back orders of free units will be sent by Airmail / 1st class post and will not have a tracking number, unless the customer requested so and a payment was made to upgrade the shipping to a priority service.
      We will be sending out a mass email to inform customers awaiting free units after they have ALL shipped, rather than per order.

  • Are they all shipping today and tomorrow? Or do the people who ordered them as part of the Z1 offer have to wait for all the other orders to be dispatched?
    Thank You

  • Tough to say Mike. We might just have secured enough tomorrow from an alternative supplier to get them all out before the weekend.
    We are still planning to mass email once the last of them are dispatched, if we don’t get the intended stock in tomorrow then this would be next week, probably Wednesday.

  • Hi there. I notice a lot of people receiving their Sony Smartwatch 2, and I know the delivery time will vary by region, but my question is solely regarding the possible duty to pay for the order (which, again, depends on region).

    I understand there is no tracking number with the Smartwatch order (unless customers paid to upgrade them) but when it comes to duty, I’m worried that my order will not be delivered unless I’m present to pay the duty, if any, on the package. Do you know which courier would be handing the shipping in Canada? This will help me determine what time of the day it should arrive.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Tim, due to the separate shipping of the free SmartWatches, we have marked all packages containing free units as a ‘gift’ with a low value to avoid further duties (assuming you will have paid full duty on the first shipment of your phone(s) and any other accessories.
      Anyone who has a paid order for a full price SmartWatch will be subject to the appropriate duty in their country, depending on the delivery method used.

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