Sony Xperia Z1 unboxing

Many of our regular followers have been asking; and because we do not like to disappoint, here is our unboxing of the Sony Xperia Z1, a smartphone with a 20.7 megapixel camera!!

We will be completing a full review, sample images and focusing on some of the other device features over the coming weeks, so be sure to check back.



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  1. In the video the 3.5 jack appears to have four connections. Is this because there is a microphone as as well for hands free or is it just a non-standard connector as they are normally ring,tip,sleeve with three connection points.

    Surprised this was not noticed/mentioned.

  2. Does anyone know if there is a way to access Xperia Privilege from the U.S. to get access to the offer that is given by Sony, as I cannot download the app, and can not receive the offer.