Sony Xperia Z1–now in stock

imageJust a short blog to let all of you know, that the first stock of the new Sony Xperia Z1 has arrived and will begin shipping today.

It is black units only that are in stock, with white units due next week.

All Z1’s come with a FREE SmartWatch 2 that will ship separately at the end of September.

For more information or to order yours, just click HERE.


  1. Tony says

    Thanks for the update Jon!

    Do you guys have enough stock for all the orders placed and will all orders be shipped?
    I know in the email it said you guys will try to get most out. Just wondering!


    • Josh Bethell says

      Hi Tony, we have received enough black stock today to fulfil all current orders.
      Hopefully we can get every order out today, otherwise we will definitely have them all out tomorrow.
      You will receive a shipping notification by 6pm UK time if your order has shipped

      • Tony says

        You must be reading our minds. Thank you for adding the cutoff time for shipping notifications and constant updates!

        You guys are awesome.

    • Clove says

      That was for the X1 Paul. An old device. No styli available for the Sony devices at the moment, but maybe in the future.

  2. Josh Bethell says

    Hi, stock of the lenses is looking to be extremely limited so there won’t be an offer on these I’m afraid.
    We are hoping to get some stock in October but can’t say any more right now

  3. sivan kakos says

    hello Josh
    just wanted to say that my brother want this phone, does this phone has norwegian languange?

    • Josh Bethell says

      Hi Sivan, yes the Z1 has Norwegian available as a system/menu language.
      We should have a post up with all the available languages soon