• Android 4.4 will be known as KitKat

    By Chris Ward , September 4, 2013 - Leave a comment

    No Key Lime Pie, but a KitKat and a glimpse of the Nexus 5

    Android KitKat

    In a move that has surprised nearly everybody, Google has announced that Android 4.4 will be known as ‘KitKat’.

    Prior to yesterday’s announcement, it had been widely believed that the next iteration of the Android OS would be known as ‘Key Lime Pie’, but Google has now teamed up with Nestle to name the update after one of its ‘favourite chocolate treats’.

    Seeing the Android man made up of five KitKat fingers makes a nice change. The Android website gives a run-through of previous versions and Nestle has also put up a nice page to celebrate the news.

    The new KitKat page design is a parody of an Android device announcement and many have been quick to describe the included video, which describes KitKat 4.4 as ‘confectionary perfectionary’, as a jibe at the style of Apple.

    Nexus 5 Video

    As is tradition with these announcements, Google also posted a video of its KitKat statue being unveiled. This ‘inadvertently’ depicted a mystery Nexus device, which many have taken to be the Nexus 5, and the video was swiftly removed from Youtube. This being the internet, a mirror has just as swiftly popped up, so you can see the ‘new Nexus’ in the video below.

    Android updates are changing

    Until recently, new updates to the Android OS have added a whole host of new features. These updates also caused Android to become increasingly fragmented, which is an issue that Google has addressed over the last year or so.

    Earlier this week Ars Technica posted a good article about how Google’s most significant updates to Android this year were made via Google Play Services as opposed to the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update. The long and short of it is that updates to Android itself will no longer be so feature-rich and the updates will instead be rolled out via Google Play Services, which means that users won’t have to wait for so long for access to new features and will not be so dependant on carrier/manufacturer updates.

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    • According to the BBC no money has changed hands on either side, simple mutual brand exposure for both companies

  • Pause on about 39 secs for a still of that new Nexus as well. He’s standing next to a girl with the Nexus 4 so if this is a prototype you can already see it’s going to be a fair bit larger

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