Lexifone 2 released – translate phone calls to another language

Last year we posted about a real time translation service called Lexifone, which translates your calls to another language as you speak. We’ve just had another demo call to test out the newly released Lexifone 2 service, which has a much-improved calling process for users and worked nicely in our tests. To see a quick explanation of how Lexifone works, see the video after the cut.

On the first version of Lexifone there was a small amount of initial training required for first-time users. There was also a limit on sentence length and callers had to wait to speak one after the other, as opposed to both speaking at the same time. These restrictions have now been removed and to use Lexifone you simply dial into their service and speak.


To make things even easier for end users, Lexifone has also released an Android App. This can be used to dial into the translation service and to then make the call to the person to whom you wish to speak. The app isn’t required to use the Lexifone service, though, you can also connect to the service by dialling from your keypad.

To see a list of the languages, details on pricing and any other support issues, click here to visit the Lexifone website.