Sony Xperia Z Ultra accessories

The first stock of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra has yet to arrive in the UK, but that hasn’t stopped the first accessories arriving for the phone.

We now have in stock at Clove,

If you have already sourced one of the devices from overseas or you live outside the UK and you require accessories, then do be sure to visit for the full range.

If you have been thinking about the Xperia Z Ultra, then now is a great time to make that decision, as at Clove, for a limited time we are offering £160 worth of accessories for FREE when you buy the device HERE.

You may wish to know what makes the Z Ultra different and why it is worth opting for.  The following video explains what it offers you.

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  1. Garry says

    I have one important question about this phone before I order. I notice it is showing a lot more icons on-screen than a Galaxy Note 2, and therefore I wonder if it’s behaving as a tablet rather than a phone? I’m worried that if this is the case then a lot of text will be too small for me to read. I use a Note 2 because the text is larger than on other phones and tablets. I’m keen on a phone with an even bigger screen, but not if the text actually gets smaller! Can you help please?

    • Clove says


      We believe the Z Ultra acts more like a phone than a tablet. You should be able to change the font size in the settings to assist with any potential issues reading on screen may bring.