• New Sony Xperia to have waterproof headphone jack

    By Jon , August 27, 2013 - Leave a comment

    We posted earlier today that Sony are teasing us with the new Xperia that is set to be announced on the 4th September.

    One small but important thing that seems to be appearing on the new device is a waterproof headphone jack.

    If we are interpreting the image correctly there is a 3.5mm headphone jack on the top edge of the phone and it appears there is no cover over it like the current Xperia Z.

    The S4 Active from Samsung has had a waterproof headphone jack and the cover over the port on the existing Z has been a frustration for many users including Charlie in our office at Clove who uses the Z.

    It is understandable why Sony had previously had a cover over the socket, but it would seem now that a waterproof coating has been applied to the jack to allow it to be exposed. We will find out more and know for sure on the 4th.



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    • It could be, but looks quite big for an ir blaster in comparison to the one seen on the Samsung Galaxy range.

  • Interesting observation.
    As I become less happy with my Galaxy S4, the more I seek a replacement from it being my prime personal phone.
    Waterproofing is becoming more fashionable and with a decent camera on the Z1 (possible ‘G’ Lens) it means I can be more creative with my shots.

    I have an Olympus OM-D which both the camera and kit lens are waterproof which have allowed me to take shots in the rain.

    The Z1 with its better lens and continued waterproofing as found in its predecessor therefore should help assist my OM-D in situations less favourable with normal shooters.


    • Valid points Mike.

      It might also mean that the new Sony is a more portable and flexible option than the Olympus. We will find out in just a week how good it really is.

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