• Sony SmartWatch 2 due week commencing 15th July

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    UPDATE 8/7 –

    The release date of the Sony SmartWatch 2 has been put back to September and will not be launching week commencing 15th July as previously stated. The revised arrival date is week commencing 9th September.

    At all times we provide the most accurate information we can based on data we are supplied. It has transpired that the date of the 15th July given by Sony’s distribution arm was incorrect.

    We are very sorry. It was never our intention to mislead you on the release date. If you have placed an order with us already, your order will be held until launch and dispatched upon launch unless we hear otherwise.

    We are pleased to say that we have some good news regarding the Sony SmartWatch 2.

    Only last week we told you how we are taking pre-orders for the smartwatch, but today we can say that the first stock is expected week commencing 15th July.

    Earlier than expected you can be the proud owner of the SmartWatch 2 if you order it here at Clove.

    Sony SmartWatch 2 Features
    • Splash proof (Not suitable for showering, bathing, swimming, diving, snorkelling, water related work or fishing)
    • Easy calling
    • NFC capabilities
    • Versatile accessory ideal for the active person
    • Connects via Bluetooth to your compatible device
    • Transmits key information from the mobile device to the SmartWatch without the need to touch the phone itself
    • Can be clipped to clothing, bags or worn on the wrist
    • More applications being developed at all times to give greater personalisation and functionality



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  • Any reason why you state only splash-proof?

    IP57 means it can be submerged in water for 30 minutes.

    • Thanks Hans, good point, IP57 is stated on the official spec sheet and does indeed protect against immersion for up to 30 minutes.
      Looking on the official Sony website, there is a note to say “Although SmartWatch 2 is splash resistant, it should not be exposed to very wet conditions or be immersed in water.”
      We will try and contact Sony for an update on this. My first thoughts would be that the watch could well be manufactured to IP57 standards but Sony may not want to push this information too hard, as it is quite likely many people may exceed the 30 minutes without knowing the full meaning behind IP57. Going swimming for instance, you might be in the water for hours…

    • Hi Tom, stock is expected during the week commencing July 15th so we expect to begin shipping somewhere between 15th – 19th

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