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    We love nothing more than seeing the evolution of smartphones and mobile devices, but try to avoid where possible getting bogged down in rumour of what will and won’t be coming to market.

    The Moto X phone announced by Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside back in May, is one that is more compelling for a number of reasons.

    Firstly Woodside suggested that the Moto X would be more aware of its surroundings than perhaps phones are now.

    “We know when it’s in your pocket, we know when it’s in your hand, it’s going to know when you want to take a picture and fire up the cameras.”


    Certain phones are already aware of when they are in the pocket or a bag and can ring louder thanks to sensors. However the X seems to be set to go one stage further.

    How exactly it will do this we are unsure, it appears to be contextually aware, but maybe the likes of a pressure sensor will gauge when it is in the hand.  Maybe intelligent GPS will work out if you are likely to take a picture because many others have taken pictures in the same location. These are interesting concepts to say the least.


    Due to be made in America, the Moto X seems to be going back to its roots, making this Moto slightly more patriotic for our US friends. It sounds silly, but it is quite unusual for a phone to be manufactured in a more developed country like the USA.  So many are produced in more cost effective markets, but times are changing.  This will be a strong draw as they are less likely to feel cheated when it comes to paying for the phone than if it was made elsewhere.

    One thing we spoke about recently (here) on the Clove Blog, is it has to only be a matter of time before devices become more customised and you can choose what you want.

    Brian Wallace, Motorola’s VP-global brand and product marketing commented on Ad Age:

    “Smartphones are very different than other tech products a consumer owns. They’re closer to shoes or a watch. You carry it with you everywhere you go. Everyone sees what phone you’re carrying and they judge you on it. Yet it’s the one thing you carry that’s the least customizable.”

    It has not been confirmed what choices users will have, but leaked images would suggest an array of pre-set different coloured covers for the phone.

    If it is only the colour of covers, it is not quite the customisation that all users want, but it is a start, all be it manufacturers do to a point give choice with colour on many phones now anyway, just perhaps more choice with the Moto X.

    As for the actual specification of the phone there are plenty of rumours but nothing confirmed.  It would appear that it will be a mid-range handset though.

    This news comes as the USA celebrates the 4th July holiday. A perfect time to capture the nation.

    You can now even sign up for updates on the Moto X online HERE.

    We will bring more information to you as it comes. We would like to see this in the UK.

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