• Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom now available to pre-order – expected July 8th

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    GALAXY S4 zoom (4)The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom looks to be the spiritual successor to last year’s critically well received, but relatively slow selling Galaxy Camera. Where the Galaxy Camera was a hybrid approached from Samsung’s camera division and included Android but skimped on phone functionality, the Galaxy S4 Zoom has flipped this idea on its head, introducing the best qualities of a camera into the flagship smartphone.

    The most obvious addition to the phone body is the F3.1-F6.3 Samsung in house lens with 24-240mm 10x optical zoom. Coupled with a 16 MP sensor, the Zoom looks set to blow other smartphones out of the water when it comes to image quality. The smartphone camera race in recent times has focussed on increasing  megapixel quantity to a point where it has now almost become a moot statistic when mobile sensor and lens technology has not moved forward. The Zoom will be one of the first major devices to seriously address this issue, although of course whether you want the added bulk this type of lens and the Xenon flash will add to your device is up to you!

    s4_official_croppedAlong with the well reported updates to Samsung’s imaging software in the S4 is a new hardware feature called Zoom Ring. This is a ring around the lens unit that, when twisted, can activate extra controls specific to your current application. Used during a voice call, this can automatically send an MMS image to whoever you are speaking to. It will also provide fine tuning of the zoom during standard picture taking and initiate the camera app automatically from anywhere in the Android OS.

    The more traditional specs are very similar to the Galaxy S4 Mini, with a qHD 960×540 Super AMOLED display, 1.5GHz dual core processor and 8GB internal memory  although a larger 2330 mAh battery has been included taking on board the likelihood of more intensive use when taking pictures.

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is now available to pre-order from Clove at an expected retail price of £369 + VAT & delivery. Pre-orders are not charged, you will be contacted closer to the launch date of July 8th to confirm the order and make payment.



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