• Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini User Manual/Guide

    By Chris Ward , June 28, 2013 - Leave a comment

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini GT-I9195 User Guide

    Below you can find the digital version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini owner’s manual. If you would like a printed copy of this manual, you can purchase the printing service from our website here.

    To view the S4 Mini User Guide, simply click the image below.

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini User Manual

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini provides the look at feel of the Samsung Galaxy S4 but in a smaller form and at a more affordable price.

    Despite being a ‘lite’ version of Samsung’s flagship handset, the S4 Mini is still a powerful device and more than worthy as a standalone handset. It’s powered by a dual-core processor and 1.5GB RAM.

    As with any device, there are no doubt questions that you will have about how it works. If you have any questions about the S4 Mini that you are unable to answer with the user guide below, please ask in the comments.

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  • Når man skriver en besked, kunne man i min tidligere Galaxy wonder telefon tilføje et ord i ordbogen, den mulighed kan jeg ikke finde i S4 mini. Har lige købt telefonen i dag og savner allerede den funktion. Håber den funktion ligger et sted.
    Håber på svar.

    • You may be able to find the option in the keyboard settings. Alternatively you may prefer to use a different keyboard with better dictionary support.
      The official Google Keyboard is now available as a free download from Google Play

  • Had the new S4 mini today and finding that my text messages (sms) are coming through to my email folder as well. Including to my hotmail folder online not just on the phone. Any help on how I can change this, can’t seem to see this in the settings 🙁

    • Hi Pete, that sounds to be a strange error. If you’ve only just received the handset perhaps try doing a factory reset to see if that solves it. Did the problem start occurring straight away or after installing an app?

      • Found this fix online, hopefully it will work across the S4 range of devices:

        “Open e-mail inbox go to settings > > you will have your email address there with a tick >> press it and scroll down to “More Settings” >> scroll to “Sync SMS” and untick it”

        • I had the same problem and the manual guide was no help. However, I have just done what you recommend straightaway – very straight forward- and waiting for someone to send me a text to see if it has worked!!

  • Hey Chris. New fone I had on Saturday. Did eventually find a setting hidden away that disabled the link that did convert sms to email. Frustrating but got there in the end. Never heard of that happening before! Cheers for ur response

    • No problem Pete, glad you found it. Sounds like the kind of problem that could drive you insane after a while!

      • I still can’t find a setting that will allow me to ‘unsync sms’, in either email or SMS settings. Where shall I look?

  • I’ve only had this phone for 6 weeks and it is overheating and the device freezes up sometimes. O2 will send it back to Samsung for repair/replacement, but I need to back up my contacts onto my Mac before I do this. Can you tell me how to do this please?

    • Presumably all the volume are turned up? If it has suddenly stopped, you may want to speak to Samsung.

    • Layla, presumably you mean a contact photo. Go into your contact list, click to edit the contact you want to add a photo too and then click on the picture of the head and you should be given the option to add a photo.

        • Each contact should be able to be set up independently (photo, ringtone, message tone etc.) from their information within the contacts/people app. Whilst the exact method varies slightly from phone to phone, it’s a basic Android function.
          Open up a contact (through your separate contacts/people list, not the list of contacts on your phone app, these are two different things) and take a good look through the settings. There will be a lot of options but a photo should be one of the easier ones to find and modify

  • Hello Chris, hoping you can help me or direct me to someplace where I might have a chance of resolving my problem. In short, I can’t get my S4 mini to talk to our company’s Microsoft Exchange Server. As you might tell from my question, I barely know what I’m asking. That being said, I just need to be able to get email on the damn thing. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

    • Sorry Matt but this isn’t something that I can assist with here. It depends on how the exchange server is set up so really you’ll need to get whoever is in charge of that to take a look at it/give you the details.

  • Recently Bought Samsung Galaxy S4Mini I9192,Duos, in Delhi, INDIA. Mobile heats up a lot while charging, Installing Apps, Doing Some Work like Word etc. Heat is intense , U can not simply call… Any Solution

    • Hello, I would definitely recommend contacting the retailer or Samsung in this case, it does not sound like normal operation.
      You may wish to try a factory reset of the device first – this can sometimes cure some problems

    • Hello Christina, if you have set a password lock and have forgotten it then you may need to contact Samsung or your retailer for servicing

  • How do I change the internet settings on the S4 mini so that I view pages in mobile mode, not desktop mode? Thanks

    • Hi Maria, the included browsers are recognised as mobile browsers. It should depend on the websites you visit to render accordingly if they recognise a mobile browser.
      You may also be able to switch on compatible websites when viewing from the settings / options menu in your browser

  • Hi Wardy/Clove – when adding contacts in SG4mini, the data fields seem limited to 17 characters. Can the character fields be extended? Thanks. Shugga

    • Hi, I think these will be the limits set in the software by Samsung – remember that you get a first name and last name to use

  • Not sure it can be. It is automatically refining based on numbers already in your phone. What is the reason for turning it off?

  • Hi Can you please tell me how to get a download photo into my gallery?
    I have gone into downloads and ticked the image but there is no option to send it to my gallery? Thanks

    • Hi JIll, the best option for this is to use a file manager. I’m not sure offhand if the S4 Mini comes with one installed.
      A file manager will let you browse the folders on your phone and move, copy, paste and delete any files (images, documents, songs etc.) from the system
      I would recommend Astro file manager, available to download from Google Play.

  • HIya,
    had the s4 mini for 10 days and can’t work out how to get me emails notification on my hotmail account it is driving me up the wall.
    It might take me a while to see if you have emailed back as I wont know you have until i refresh! LOL

    • Hi Chris, I assume you have successfully managed to synchronise your Hotmail account so emails are arriving at your phone?
      The notifications should be a separate setting available in the application after you have logged into this email account.
      When viewing your emails, locate and press the menu button to find these (this should be visible on screen as 3 small dots)

  • Hi I want to print from my s4 mini mobile device. We have a wireless printer. I cant find a print option anywhere. Can you perhaps give me an idea of what I can do. Thanks

    • Hi Ruby, you will need to see if the manufacturer of your wireless printer has released an Android app for their printers.
      This will be required as it includes the ‘drivers’ that allow the phone to speak to the printer.
      Think of the app like when you install the printer to a laptop / PC

  • Hello,

    I am looking to create a shortcut of the VPN in the notification panel or in the pages …
    Is it possible ?


    • Hi Tarek, as far as I know the only shortcuts that can be made are on the home screen panels to either full apps or contact information.
      You might be able to make a shortcut to the VPN section of the settings through a widget, try looking in the widgets for a settings widget that can be modified.
      I recall being able to do this on my Nexus 4 so it is possible within Android, whether or not Samsung include it in their version I am not sure

      • This worked great for me, there is indeed a sub menu under the Settings widget which Is specific for VPN, with its own icon. Many thanks!

  • Hi

    Do you know how to change it so new SMS messages don’t appear on my home screen until i open the message as I can read some if the message without opening it


    • Hi Laura, are you using the standard Samsung messaging app or one you have downloaded from Google Play?
      In the Samsung app, press the menu button and select settings from the bottom. Near the end of the messaging settings menu there is a tick box for notification previews. Untick this and the preview will disappear from your lock/home screen. Beware this will also remove the preview in your notification centre as well.
      External messaging apps should employ a similar system in their settings menu

    • Hi Joanna, the zoom should function either with the volume buttons or by ‘pinching’ on the screen.
      Check the camera app settings to see which you have selected and change it if you like

  • Hi had my Samsung s4 mini a month ago I took photos using auto back up,now I wanted to delete it but cant make it…

    • Hi Monnica, I’m not totally sure what you’re asking?
      Do you want to delete the pictures in the location(s) they have backed up to?

  • Hi I would like you to help me with the problem that is affecting a lot of Samsung s4 mini duos, which is the contacts. I am using two sims at the same time, and on boths i have contacts, but i don’t know why the phone only shows one list of the sim card and not both, like the other regular dual sim phones on the market.

    • Hello Stephan, I see no reason why the Duos would not show both sets of contacts.
      Have you tried a factory reset on the device to put it back to original settings?
      If this does not help than I would recommend contacting Samsung to see if they have any support on this issue

  • Hey. Just got the s4 mini and for a day I was able to send and receive pic msgs. Then I couldnt receive. I spent a long time on the phone with tech support with my provider for them to tell me the device was defective. So now have another new handset and sim card….but still only sporadically receive pic msgs. Maybe one out of 10 ppl send. Tech support says there is nothing wrong. I havent changed any settings, have a data plan and mostly use at home with wifi. Any ideas?

    • Hi Stacey, seeing as this is the 2nd device you are trying I would be very surprised if there is an issue with the phone.
      I would try contacting your network provider to see if they have placed any limitations on MMS for your plan

  • Hi…

    Ive had my galaxy s4 mini for a few months now.im trying to set up a contact with a ring tone and a different txt message soundto the rest of my contacts…but everytime they leave a message it starts doing the ring tone instead of the sound for the text message. ..its so annoying. Ive checked many times to make sure ive done it correctly and I know I have..also,the middle of the screen isnt responsive…if I hv to move the screen down to choose my options…my screen is clean n has no cover…it did hv a cover but I removed it thinking ths was to blame but its not….plz can anyone help

    • Hi Seaham, the issue with the contacts and ringtones does sound odd. There’;s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to change this setting.
      The touch screen is a more pressing issue however. This sounds like a physical fault with the device and I would recommend you speak to Samsung / your retailer in order to resolve this

  • Hi just trying to figure out how to change the payment option from bill to debit card for apps and books ect.

    • Hi Sam are you referring to payments made from the Play Store?
      If so then payment details are tied to your Google account, not the phone.
      These can be changed from your account settings within Google Wallet, accessible when you sign into Google services on a PC or from your phone

  • Hello my query is in relation to sharing images using the ” Share via “option. My previous Samsung phone offered less sharing options however it DID include one very important shortcut option that is missing from the mini – email! Is there a way to add it? It is really irritating having to leave the images section, go to emai to send as an attachment.

    • Hello Jacq, I have just tried this on a new Nexus 5 and the option is available so its not something Google have removed from Android.
      If the option is not there then it seems that for whatever reason Samsung have removed the functionality from their handsets.
      I don’t have an S4 Mini to hand to test things out unfortunately, perhaps there is someone else available who can test/see if they can get this to work?

      • Hi Josh, thanks for the reply. Hopefully it’s a Samsung setting that can be changed in that case.

        Are any Samsung “super users” out there able to help?

    • Hi Chané, if your handset is rebooting frequently then this would definitely point to there being a fault.
      I don’t know what this would be but I definitely recommend contacting either Samsung directly or your retailer

  • Just bought my s4 mini a week before and my too much browsing leads me to create a password for my gallery. I want to remove the password now but i don’t know how. Help pls…

    • Hello Rosebelle, I wasn’t aware of any default method of locking the gallery app on Android / Galaxy devices.
      Have you used a 3rd party app for this? If so I would recommend contacting the developer or attempting to uninstall the app if you cannot remember your password(s)

  • I am partially sighted and have just bought the mini 4. Please will you tell me how to forward texts to another contact ? At the moment I am retyping each time. As you may gather I am not computer literate but I m trying. Thank you if you will help. Patricia

    • Hello Patricia, once you have sent the message to one contact, you should be able to ‘long press’ the finished message bubble from that conversation thread.
      A long press is to hold down on the screen for a couple of seconds.
      If done correctly, you should feel a vibration and have some menu options appear on screen. One of these will be to forward the message. After pressing this you can enter one or a number of names in the recipient box.
      Hope this helps 🙂

  • I’ve had my s4 mini for a little over a month now and the last couple of days texts haven’t been showing up in the message log. I can still read them through the notification bar but not the log. My replies don’t show either. Do you know what is causing this?

    • Hello Amy, this is tough to diagnose without physically looking at the handset.
      Have you installed any 3rd party text messaging applications? Or perhaps updated the Google Talk / Hangouts application? Or even installed updated Facebook Messenger?
      All of these may have the ability to override your standard messaging app and cause it to behave incorrectly. Check their settings if they are installed or uninstall / remove updates to them if you don’t use them.
      If you none of the above works then ‘force-stopping’ the messaging application may also sort it out.
      Otherwise, backing up your data and performing a factory reset would be the final option to reset settings.

  • Hi, am having a problem with my samsung s4 mini. seems every time i wave my hand over the sensor at the top right corner it blanks out and comes back on. Not sure if its a setting i need to check but i cant seem to figure it out

    • Hello Daoma, this is the proximity sensor. It is designed to turn off the screen when it is covered or something comes close to it.
      The main function for this is when you are making calls, so your ear / side of your head does not accidentally press on screen buttons.
      You should find that the sensor does not work when inside other apps but it may still work on the home screen.
      If it happens all the time, for instance inside games or other apps where the function should not be needed and is switched off, then the sensor may be faulty

  • I purchased a cable for connection to my computer by USB and want to not only charge from it but communicate with my computer. I was hoping that once plugged in my computer would recognize the connection but this is not happening.
    Is there an app that I need or something I need to turn on? I have the S4 Mini.

    • Hello Rob, your S4 Mini might be in the wrong ‘USB mode’ for this.
      When you plug the micro USB into the phone, you should see a USB symbol appear in the notification bar at the top of the screen.
      If you drag the bar down and tap on the USB notification you will be taken to the setting for USB connections. You want the MTP option to be checked.
      If this is checked then the S4 Mini should be able to communicate with any Windows computers like any other mass storage such as a memory stick

      • Hi Josh, I plugged the cable in and no symbol appeared. I pulled down the notification window and there was nothing there. The cable charges the S4 so I’m not blaiming the cable at this time. I see an NFC selection but It doesn’t seem to work with this situation.
        Any other hints?

      • Hi Josh, got to the bottom of it. I was sold the wrong cable that is only capable of charging. The three center pins on the cable I was sold were not there. I had an associate that had a cable for us to compair.
        Thanks for the time Josh.

  • My s4 mini seems to lag while playing normal graphics games as well like the games like temple run 2 or subway surfers. Even it starts to freeze at the lock screen for a few seconds while I am using it. It seems frustrating on a phone of such stature.

  • Help needed! I have the s4 mini and I cant find where to alter mms settings I am unable to send screenshots it tells me I need to alter the creation mode? Also my texts go to my email I have followed what you put previously but there is no setting option for this either, im getting rather frustrated with this phone the iphone was much better. Hope someone can help. Thanks

    • Hi Louise, the texts to email bug has been outlined in previous comments.
      If you have followed the steps covered to no avail then I would recommend either resetting the device or contacting Samsung support.
      As for the MMS issue, go into the Messaging app and press the menu button to access the messaging settings. Near the bottom of the list that appears is the ‘creation mode’ option for MMS. This option should be set to ‘Free’, it is likely you have it ticked to ‘Restricted’.
      Restricted stops the message being created if a certain file size has been exceeded. Screenshots tend to be of high resolution and therefore are large files. The ‘Restricted’ option is usually ticked by default if your mobile provider limits the size of MMS messages on their network. You may find that you are billed more than the standard messaging amount if you send MMS that are larger than your plan provides for.

      • Thank you sooo much it was driving me mad. As for the email issue I will try again. Im slowly getting used to a samsung again.

  • Help I have removed the briefing section from my homepage on galaxy s4 mini how do I get it back?

    • Hi Anthony, not sure what you mean by the briefing section. Do you mean the Briefing app that is installed on some Samsung phones?
      If you have removed this from the home screen then you should be able to locate it from the app drawer and make a new shortcut.
      If this is not what you are referring to then could you give me some more info please?

  • I have recently bought a samsung S4 mini. I briefly used an app to take sms back up to Gmail. which I removed as it was not functioning well. Although no such app now, my all SMSs get deleted automatically. What can be done to rectify the issue?

    • Hi, are you using the standard Samsung messaging app or a 3rd party one downloaded from Google Play?

  • is there a way to turn on notification noises when some one post something to face book mine vibrates in the middle of the night

    • Hi Russ, you will need to do this from the settings in the Facebook app.
      Swipe right on the Facebook home screen to bring up the options on the left hand side of the screen.
      Scroll down these options until you see ‘App Settings’. You can choose notification times & sounds from in here

  • Hi

    have just bought the S4 mini and made an error entering my e-mail address, now i cant find anywhere to delete that and start again or do i simply enter a new account but if i do that will samsung et al be trying to send stuff to the wrong address still including the verification mail which i obviously havent received. nothing in the manual that helps


    • Hi Terry, do you mean when setting up the Samsung account on the phone?
      I would recommend simply setting up a new account with the correct details and deleting the one you made with the incorrect info off of the phone.
      There should be no issue with that at all

        • If you go into Settings > Accounts you should be able to select the Samsung account you have already made. There should then be an option to remove this from the phone.
          The account will still ‘exist’ but seeing as you are not going to use it and are making another one then it doesn’t matter.
          From the same Settings > Account section you can then make a new Samsung account, and log into Samsung services from the web or other Samsung devices with these new details

  • Hi my S4 mini has recently started heating up even when idle.. also the last couple of nights the phone goes off (battery drain) even though I have disabled Auto Sync, Location Settings etc. My battery report says Google Calendar Sync is using a lot of the battery power but I dont know where to look to find how to turn calendar sync off.. please help!

    • Hi Sonia, if you want to stop the Calendar Sync then this should be available in Settings > Apps > Running. If you scroll down the list you should see the Google Calendar Sync or similar in the running list. Click on the listing and you may be able to select ‘Force Stop’ or possibly even ‘Reset Defaults’, to clear out information and stop the app from draining battery.
      If this doesn’t stop excessive heat and battery drain, and you can see no other reason for it then I would recommend contacting your retailer for warranty support

  • Any1 here know how to stop all these automatic shortcuts for apps I never had or wanted? They keep putting themselves onto my home screens

    • Hi Cassie, shortcuts should only appear for apps that you are installing.
      If shortcuts to apps / websites are finding their way onto your home screens and you are definitely not installing the apps yourself, then you may have some malware / virus on your device. If this is the case then I can only recommend backing up any important information and completing a full factory reset of the device from the settings menu

    • Hi Nick are you using the standard email app that comes with the S4 Mini?
      By default this won’t have learned any spam and will simply deliver everything addressed to you into one folder.
      You will need to begin organising the mail yourself so the app can learn what is span and what is not.
      If you have a service like Gmail or Yahoo Mail then using that app rather than the standard email app should provide you with the functionality of their web service you have come to expect

  • hi,just recieved s4 zoom, have downloaded song which has saved to play music app,how do i set as ring tone?

    • Hello Nataza, there are a few ways to do this.
      The first is to go to settings > sound > phone ringtone. This option will look in a specific ringtones folder on your device, so you might want to use a 3rd party file manager to move song files to this folder if they are not already.
      The second option is to press the menu button whilst listening to a song. There should be an option to “set as ringtone” from this menu.

  • Hi Josh,
    I’m battling to find the manual setup for email on the mini. Whenever I go to setup it cannot do it automatically, as my pop/smtp is different to the email address. Where can I access it.? Thanks

    • Angus,

      Trying to guide you through setting up email can be quite time consuming as so much of it is personal.

      You either need to speak to your email provider or go into your email settings on your computer and find the SMTP and POP settings and put the correct ones in for your email.

      If you gave us your email provider we may be able to assist you a little further.

  • i have found a new problem in s4 mini. resolution of back camera & front camera seems to be like VGA camera. i have tried so many times to change the settings but it didn’t work. My elder brother sent it from Dubai, its setting are in Korean language i can’t fully transfer it in English, some function are in Korean language. what can i do now.

    • Hi Sajib, there should be a settings option in the camera app to change the resolution.
      If you are having trouble with the settings being in Korean then a factory reset to default settings might help.
      If you cannot find the option for this due to the language then try a hard reset:
      1) Power off the device
      2) Hold volume up, home and power buttons
      3) Keep holding buttons while the phone turns on and you are presented with factory reset screen
      4) Use the volume buttons to move up/down and select Wipe Data/Factory Reset
      5) Use the Power button to confirm your selection and the confirmation message.
      Do not remove the battery whilst the phone is resetting. Once complete it will be in the same position as if it was bought new and you can complete the set up to your local area.
      This may also fix camera issues, if it doesn’t then you may wish to contact Samsung for warranty support if available.

  • Hi ive been looking every where to try and figure out how to take a screen shot and nothing seems to be working can you help please

    • Hi Cindy have you tried the following: Press the Home & Power buttons at exactly the same time.
      You should see an animation on the screen and hear the camera capture sound.
      Screenshots are saved in /Pictures/Screenshots when viewing connected to a computer or viewable in the Gallery app.

  • hello Josh – I have the same problem as a couple of others here, I can’t add a photo to my phone contacts. I just get the standard icon and nothing happens at all if I tap on it. Any ideas? Thanks

    • Hi John have you first made sure that you are accessing your contacts from the separate contacts/people app rather than from the phone app?
      If so then you need to be in the ‘edit mode’ for a contact. With a contact highlighted (usually through a long press) or tapping on them to bring up details, press the ‘pen icon’ or menu button > edit to be able to change details. Once you are editing, pressing the picture should then allow you to select an image

  • Hi, my contact list has synced with Facebook but I can’t find a way of adding phone numbers to these contacts! Help!

    • Hi Sophie, page 49 of the manual explains the Samsung software for editing contacts.
      From what I recall, you can press a ‘pencil’ symbol/icon to edit a contact after it has been selected. I believe a single contact can be highlighted via a ‘long press’ (holding on it for a second or so).
      You can also press the menu button after highlighting to bring up options, one of them being ‘edit’.
      Once in the editing options, you should have the ability to add a phone number. If the contact is duplicated, as in you have a separate contact with a phone number and a Facebook import, you may be able to join these together from the edit options, although I can’t be certain if this available on Samsungs.
      Let me know if you have any other specific questions

  • The other thing is I never gave it permission to use this photo how do I stop that? I think that’s from my twitter account

    • The comments on our blog use ‘Gravatar’ to display images by default.
      The Clove Blog is currently hosted through WordPress, so if you have a WordPress account for your own blog or other blogs that you visit regularly, then you may have been signed in when visiting us here and your standard image used automatically.

  • Howdy, I can’t find how to read the text message that is sent with a picture message. Help please!

    • Hi Karla, sorry but I’m not entirely sure what you mean..
      When you send an MMS (picture message) then there is usually the option to put some text with it.
      This should appear above or under the picture in your messaging app conversation. If there is no accompanying text, perhaps there was none sent?

  • When I receive a text message it doesnt show me who it is from until I goto the messages. Can I change that and if so, how?

    • Hello Christina, are you referring to the notification bar at the top of the screen?
      When a message arrives, a short preview with the name should scroll across here, although after that preview all there will be is a text icon as a reminder.
      If you slide the notification bar down there should also be a preview in the tray for you to look at, which you can tap on as a shortcut to the messaging app.
      If these things are not appearing then go into the messaging app and open the settings, there should be an option for previews on arrival that can be turned off/on. I can’t remember exactly where it is as Samsung change the layout on the messaging app for each device.
      There is also the option of installing a different messaging app from Google Play. I find Textra to be a very clean and simple alternative.

  • Hi, How do I copy an image on my S4mini? If I go to a webpage and google an image in google images, how can I copy that image on the screen? On my S4 I just hold my finger on the screen and an option to copy image appears, but this doesn’t happen on the S4mini. How do I copy the image? Many thanks, Philip

    • Hi Phillip, are you using the standard Browser app (from Samsung) or Chrome? Different apps will have different functions.
      For instance Chrome on my Nexus 5 will bring up options when I long press on Google Images but not one to copy, only to open, open in new tab or save the image.
      If the browser you are using doesn’t allow for image copying on the S4 then I don’t think there will be away to simply turn it on (although you can check the browser settings).
      Perhaps downloading a new browser from Google Play may help you. Dolphin is an extremely popular alternative, as is Opera Mobile.

  • Hi All,
    I would like to know how to receive emails on my phone. I am currently using an s4 mini and on my PC I connect through a vpn before downloading emails from the pop 3 server.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Darren apologies for the delay in responding. I’ve never had to do this but I know you can connect to a VPN through most Android devices.
      From the settings, go into Connections and then More Networks. I here should be a VPN option, click this to enter the connection details.
      Once you are connected to the VPN, go the accounts section of the settings to add a new email account and enter your usual details. If I’m correct, emails from this account will only be delivered whenever you are connected to the VPN

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