• Nokia CR-200 wireless car kit now available

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    Nokia_CR200_Wireless_Charging_Car_Kit2Today has seen the first stock of the Nokia CR-200 wireless charging car holder arrive.

    It has taken some time for this holder to come into stock,considering wireless charging has been the norm on many higher end Nokia devices for some months now.

    Just pop your Nokia into the dock and securely fasten the phone with the clamp arms. Once docked your compatible handset will be charged without wires (there is a wire to the dock itself).

    What you can expect to find in the box:

    • Wireless Charging Car Holder CR-200
    • Mounting Plate
    • Car Charger (with 1m cable)
    • Extension Cable (1.5m cable)
    • Cable Clips (x4)
    • User Guide

    There is the nice addition of an extension should you need it.

    It is priced at £54.99 including VAT, which is quite high for a car kit, but it offers a lot more than the conventional car kits that retail around £35-40.

    For more information, watch the video below or CLICK HERE.


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  • Does this work with the note2 wireless charging and s4 wireless charging accessories. can this keep the s4 and note2 charged up wirelessly when using google navigation and streaming google music etc with screen on at full brightness. does the unit of the phone (s4 or note2) heat up a lot using this nokia charger. i suspect if it works with those two then more sales would come from owners of those devices than nokia owners as guess there are more of the note2 and s4 around. am asking about the note2 because am thinking of getting the note3 when it launches so need to know if this fits the size of the note2. thinking of this as an option instead of something like the owlpad

    • Vinay,

      As yet we have not tested with these devices.

      It is likely that the device will not remain fully charged due to the power usage of the phone with the settings you have mentioned, but it should reduce the power drain at the end of the trip because of the charge. We will look to test soon and report back.

      • Thanks. Will await the tests. There are reports of the S4 heating up a lot, enough to throw up over heating alerts on the S4 while using some third party receivers for the S4 and the nexus orb. I havent had such issues but some others have had with the nexus orb and S4 3rd party receivers. Dont know if its because the nexus 4 has coil to one side and LG might have optimised coil positioning for the nexus and hence might be causing heating issues on the S4 as per some reports. I have noticed using different Qi receivers and same charger the optimum position for charging is different probably because of the position of the charging coil and receiving coil being relatively in different places wrt each other for various combinations of chargers and receiving coils.

  • Can I order from you and have delivered to the US? Will this version have any compatibility issues with either the cigarette lighter port or wireless charging for the 928 which is here on verizon and not an international model?

    • Hi Randy, yes we do offer shipping to the US. Both should be compatible with the 928.

  • Hi, I use a Nokia CC-1043 Soft cover for my Nokia 920. Will it still fit in the car holder?

  • Be prepared for the clamp to completely fail after not that many clamp-release cycles. There is a design flaw with an internal plastic piece that breaks. Expect it to fail after about two weeks to two months of use. Unfortunate design flaw for an otherwise nice, but expensive accessory that extends the usefulness of a great cell phone.

    • Hi Derek, we’ve had a couple of these back for this issue but considering the number we’ve sold I don’t see it as a major issue at all.
      Not to say it doesn’t exist (I have seen it after all), but I wouldn’t be warning off everyone with the scare story “expect it to fail after about two weeks”
      Of course anyone that does experience this issue can return for a replacement within the warranty period

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