• Why doesn’t YouTube work on my phone?

    By Chris Ward , June 12, 2013 - Leave a comment

    ‘Video Not Available On Mobile’

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    Sometimes the YouTube app simply will not work (or is not officially available) on your mobile, whether you’re using Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iOS or any other platform. 

    There are a variety of reasons for which YouTube may not be working; it could be technical or you may receive the message that the video is not available for mobile platforms.

    The simplest workaround for this is to instead use the mobile version of the site instead of the native app. To do this you simply need to open up your web browser and go to YouTube website, or search for the video that you want to play using a search engine. 

    Some platforms may give you the option to launch a search link within YouTube app, however if you’re having problems you should opt to open it in the web browser. This will then use the mobile version of the website, which should be able to play the video.

    This isn’t a foolproof method, but it is a work around that should help in most cases. 

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