How can I change the default app for Android

How to change the default program in Android

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With Android, there are usually several different ways in which you can carry out an action. For example, if your friend emails you a link to a website, you will be presented with the option of opening it with any of the web browsers that you have installed (if you have installed more than one web browser).

When a link or file can be opened with several different apps, Android lets you choose which app to open it with. Once you have selected the app, you can then choose to open it ‘just once’ with said app, or you can select the app as the default for opening files of that type.

Settings an app default removes the inconvenience of choosing which app to use each time, but can be inconvenient if you select the wrong default by mistake.

Clear Defaults Android

What happens if you accidentally select an app as the default?

If you have selected an app as a default by mistake, don’t worry, it’s easy to change.

First of all you need to go into Settings and then select Apps.

Next, scroll down to the app that you have selected as the default. For example, if you have selected Chrome as the default app for opening web links, but you actually want to use Dolphin Browser, you should scroll down the list and click on Chrome.

You will then see info about the app and a few options. Scroll down to the heading that says ‘Launch by default’ and you should see a button to ‘Clear Defaults’. Click this button and it will remove the app as a default for any file types or actions.

The next time you try to open a web link, you’ll see the box again that prompts you to either use the app just once, or set it as a default. You can then proceed to choose a new default app, or avoid settings a default app altogether by clicking ‘just once’.