Samsung Galaxy Size Chart

Samsung Galaxy Size Comparison Chart

Below is a comparison chart of the main Samsung Galaxy handsets that have been released over the last few years, starting with the Samsung Galaxy S2 and finishing with the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Mega.

The image has been created to scale so that you can see how large the handsets are in comparison to one another. To see the handsets in their life-size versions, click into the image and you should then be able to zoom in. You may need to enter full screen mode in order to fit the Galaxy Mega on the screen!

Samsung Galaxy Size Chart

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  1. henrick says:

    Great comparison chrissss

  2. how about adding the Note8″ too!

    • Chris Ward says:

      I did consider the Note 8, but then there are the tab 2 devices etc. and it just gets out of hand. I may create an updated chart that looks at the devices at the larger end of the spectrum.

  3. Foghorn says:

    Where’s the Nexus?

  4. William Wade says:

    Needs the Resolution, PPI and screen tech too.