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    Sometimes in life you do not realise how useful something is until you actually use something.  The following is one such example.

    If you are like me, it is quite possible that you spend most of your day working at your desk with your phone sat beside you.

    If you get a text message or want to view your phone content, you stop what you are doing on your PC and jump to the phone.

    How about not touching the phone and doing everything from the desktop?!

    You could be writing a word document on the PC, get a text message, just jump to the phone screen (on your computer), view and reply to the text message using you computer keyboard and mouse.

    How about taking a screenshot of your device, or recording a video comprising of a number of actions on screen all from the desktop computer.  Makes life very simple wouldn’t you say?


    The recent announcement of Samsung SideSync (more info HERE) allowed this as well as the ability to share content such as text between the PC and the Phone. The problem with this is that it works currently on selected Samsung computers.

    However there is a similar and almost as powerful workaround that will work on a wider range of computers and smartphones….image

    Xdadeveloper member mcallisaya has managed to allow smartphone users to share their phone screen on their PC with just a few simple steps

    EDIT: Some of the links below are now broken, however please see the instructions from user ‘csmartly’ on this page

    What you need to do is:

    1. Download the ‘Phone Screen Sharing’ app for the PC HERE
    2. Download and install onto your smartphone the ‘Phone Screen Sharing’ .apk file found HERE
    3. Run the ‘Phone Screen Sharing’ app on your smartphone and agree to the terms and conditions for the app.
    4. Connect the Smartphone using an original USB cable, and don´t use any USB hubs in the process.
    5. Enable USB debugging mode on your smarthphone.
    6. Start the ‘Phone Screen Sharing’ app installed in step 1 on your PC and let it complete any updates.
    7. Click “Next” on the Phone-window on your PC.
    8. Confirm any necessary notifications on the smartphone screen.
    9. If all is OK, then you will have the screen connected and you can use your mouse, keyboard and copy files from/to your smartphone.

    Once connected you can take screenshots, record video and view the contents of the phone on your PC screen as well as share files from the desktop to the PC to the phone and vies versa.  The only things I could not do is copy text from the PC direct to the phone.

    I tested a Samsung Galaxy S4 and a HTC One X on a Windows 7 computer, both worked straight away without issue.

    See the following video that shows us navigating around the screen of the HTC One and then the Samsung S4. The video was recorded from the PC whilst controlling the phone on the PC.

    I am sure you will agree this is a potentially powerful setup.  Especially if you review devices or need to record videos of how to do things on phones.  It could even be a sneaky way of doing things on your phone without your boss noticing!

    You can find full information and more detailed discussion HERE at xdadevelopers from which this opportunity was created.


    PLEASE NOTE: Clove Technology take no responsibility for compatibility or this working in every situation.  You may refer to the original positing on xdadevelopers for more information and detailed discussion.  Full credit to xdadeveloper member mcallisaya.


    Constantly challenging opinions and looking for new opportunities, Jon develops the product ranges and business activities and very much strives to maintaining growth and taking Clove in to the future. Never knowing when to stop, he spends a lot of time coming up with ideas. When he does relax, however, he can be found out in the forest walking his Dog, down the pub or enjoying food at local restaurants.


  • Hi Jon,

    I am trying to install .cab files in Nokia lumia 820.. It is not working, it says not supported. what can I do

    • .cab files were for original Windows Mobile and we do not believe compatible with Windows Phone 8.

  • Hello there, I am new to Android, just got my new S4.

    I was all excited to see your post – thanks – this is great.

    I was able to install ‘Phone Screen Sharing’ app for the PC, but got stuck at smartphone .apk file installation, I have downloaded the file tried using various softwares but was not able to point to .apk – will really apprecaite if you could please help. Some easy steps to do this installation would really be great.

    Many thanks – Anil

    • Hi Anil,

      If you email the .apk to yourself in gmail, you should be able to unpack it from there. Alternatively you could use something such as Astro File Manager to locate it and then unpack it.

      • Hi Cris, I´m using Galaxy S4 and Toshiba PC. I proceed as stated above, but the PC´s phone screen sharing app asks for an associated email. I´ve typed my gmail address as my account in the S4, but it doesn´t work. Any suggestion?

  • Hi Chris,

    I’m not able to connect.. The application on my laptop asks for an email address and then says “No response from Auth server, try again” Please help…. and also, the Phone Screen Sharing’ .apk file link which u have given above does not work..

    • Hi Lalithesh,

      It seems like .apk file has been removed from xda. I will see if we have a copy and upload it for you.

  • Hi Cris,
    I’m having the same issue as reported by emerson.

    I´m using Galaxy S2 and Dell latitude PC. I proceed as stated above, but the PC´s phone screen sharing app asks for an associated email. I have typed my gmail address as my account in the S2, but it doesn´t work. Any suggestion?

    • Sorry Vinoth I have little experience with this one as I’m a mac user.

    • Hi alvaro we have now updated the blog post to the following page which has links to files and further instructions. Please see the posts from csmartly

      • WOW, So clever! 4 people ask you about the e-mail problem and you ignore them. Get a job that you can actually do

        • The post has been updated to link to a support thread containing instructions from the developer and others that have managed to get the associated Samsung apps working on non Samsung devices.
          Due to the differences in devices users may experience difficulties.
          We recommend anyone experiencing problems with installation to contact the developer or others with experience through the forum page that we have linked to

  • I have galaxy note 2 and dell laptop with win8……I have installed phone screen sharing app on myPc as well as on mobile…..but when I start the app on my pc it ask for email….when I enter my samsung account email it says“Could not find device registered under this email”…..I dont know what the hell is the problem….please suggest me something so I can use this app….please provide a perfect solutionThank you

    • Prashant, please refer to the links in the post that take you through to the discussion forum where you should be able to find a solution to or discuss your issue, with those who originally offered the solution.

  • Hi Chris

    Can you recommend a similar app for screen sharing between an android phone and an android tablet?

    • Hi Fin,

      Sorry for the late reply. I’m not sure what you could use as an alternative that will replicate the same functionality. If you have a compatible device, you could use an MHL cable or a miracast connector. Alternatively you could use an app called AirDroid, which will enable you to use some of your phone’s apps on screen, but will not mirror it exactly.

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