• Sony Xperia ZR not coming to the UK

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    imageSony Mobile have been coming on leaps and bounds with devices like the Xperia Z & SP and it seems that there is no stopping them with more and more devices like the Xperia L and the ZR being announced.

    Initial thoughts would be that the ZR is an upgrade to the Xperia Z.

    HOWEVER, fear not all Xperia Z owners, your device is not yet ‘old’ or ‘out of date’.

    The ZR is actually a slightly smaller device with 4.55”display and a bigger battery.  It also has a slightly different rating of IP55 & IP58 as opposed to the Xperia Z IP55 & 57.

    We can however confirm that there are no plans for the ZR to arrive in the UK, so if you think this is the device for you then you need to source elsewhere or opt for the Xperia Z instead.


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  • The ZR is showing as coming soon on the Sony UK website, so you’re mistaken in thinking it won’t be coming here.

    • We have had confirmation from Sony, despite it being shown on their website.

  • Have the given an explanation as to why it is on the GB website, if they have no plans to release it in the UK? All other phones not released in the UK don’t show on the website (e.g. Xperia ZL)

    • No unfortunately we do not have this information so we can only assume that it’s an administrative error given that we’ve had reliable information from Sony to say that it won’t come to the UK. Are you interested in having the ZR then?

  • if knew that xperia zr is coming in mid june or july then I would have waited as I just brought my xperia z what with sony first z then zr I wish I knew sooner than later its just profit making on sonys behave.

  • I am very interested in the ZR, as it has the best features of the Z with out the gigantic size. I tweeted Sony Xperia GB to ask them if it will be available in the UK, and they’ve said there is currently nothing to say it won’t be. Furthermore, the ZR page on the Sony GB site has been updated at least once (when battery stats were released) and the model specific accessories are also showing as coming soon in the accessories section. That doesn’t sound like an administrative error to me!

    • Naomi, We asked the question of Sony’s distribution team and they confirmed that it is not coming to the UK. The website and twitter and handled by their marketing teams. Of course things could change but at this time we believe our information to be correct.

  • Just checked the Sony GB website, and the ZR has disappeared. Have to say I am extremely disappointed with them, and think it was really unprofessional to put there in the first place if they never had any intention of releasing it in the UK. Will you be importing it at all when it’s released in Europe/the States?

    • Hi Naomi,

      It’s unfortunate that these administrative errors occur sometimes. At this time we have no plans to import it so it’s very unlikely that we’ll be able to offer it I’m afraid.

  • I think it’s a bit more than just an administrative error, given that it was on the website for a couple of months, and the team managing their twitter account also said it would be here! Colossal screw up on their part.

  • If the Zr is not skimming to the UK why can you buy it on UK websites? And if you do buy it in the UK would it be supported by UK networks?

    • Hi Phil, Sony made the decision not bring the ZR to the UK officially. This means there is no stock available in the UK distribution channel.
      Other stores may have imported stock from other regions, sometimes countries in Europe, for resale in the UK. Due to our relationship & commitments with Sony, we sell only UK grade stock from official distribution channels.
      I would recommend contacting the sellers of ZR stock for the UK to ensure compatibility if you are going to buy from them

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