• Samsung Galaxy S4 to be featured on BBC Watchdog next week

    By Chris Ward , May 10, 2013 - Leave a comment

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 is due to be featured on BBC Watchdog on Wednesday 15th May. This was first mentioned on Gavin’s Gadgets and the video below has since been uploaded to YouTube.

    The video teaser below implies that the show will focus on the handsets memory size.

    In the clip the Watchdog host Anne Robinson asks:

    “Samsung, it claims its brand new Galaxy phone has an extra large memory, but what did it forget to mention?”

    Our guess is that they’ll focus on the lack of availability of the 32GB and 64GB variants and may also cover the amount of internal storage that is taken up by system files and preloaded apps.

    The most readily available version of the S4, the 16GB model, only has up to 9.5GB internal storage available to the user from an advertised 16GB.

    The BBC Watchdog show will be broadcast on BBC1 at 8PM (GMT) on Wednesday May 15th.

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  • The Sasmung Watchdog item broadcast on 15th May 2013 is now at: http://youtu.be/ox9nuDKbNUo

    I don’t know where the 32Gb model mentioned in the item is. I have seen a “pre-order” on MobiCity but I suspect they know less than Clove and they give no date although they do have a price of £743.99 (inc vat). They are also offering the 64Gb at £827.99 (inc VAT) – again no date shown but I’m sure they would take my money! At least Clove always keep customers informed of availability/stock.

    • Thanks, we’ve now uploaded the video.

      I expect those prices are speculative. We have been chasing pricing and availability details for the larger memory variants but still no info at the moment.

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