HTC One: Black or White?

HTC One Black vs HTC One White 

As smartphone buyers we are naturally drawn from an aesthetic point of view to a particular colour variant of a handset. However, there can also be practical points to consider, such as fingerprints being left and the materials used to manufacture the chassis. 

The guys over at Pocketnow have put together a nice comparison video of the black and white variants of the HTC One. In their tests the black version of the HTC One displays more fingerprints on its frame than the white (silver) version. They do also note that the display of the HTC One picks up less fingerprints than rival handsets, which is a plus point. 

Both variants of the One are manufactured from an aluminium frame. While the white version sticks with the material’s natural colour, there may be less chance of scratches showing up on the device. This is just speculation at this point, drawn from experience with similar handsets such as the iPhone 5. If you are concerned about scratching the handset, you could use a case or apply Crystalusion liquid protection.

[image name=htc-one]


  1. Ricky says

    Hi Chris,

    Does the volume rocker on the HTC One feel mushy? Or does it have a nice click?

    • Josh says

      Hi Jack, the HTC One is in silver and black, there isn’t a white model. You might want a quick check of some images again to make sure you like the silver finish.
      Personally I prefer the silver, I like the way the grooves accent a different colour shade on the back and the logos stand out more. Personal choice though!