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    Update 8/4/2013:

    If you have an order with Clove for a HTC One, or have been planning to place an order, please find the current stock situation below:

    Silver HTC One – Silver units currently have an approximate dispatch time of 14-21 days from date of order. All orders are being shipped in chronological order as soon as we have stock available.

    Black HTC One – First stock delayed until early May.

    We are very sorry to deliver this frustrating news, but it is very common with new launches of Smartphones. We are of course keen to ship your order as soon as we can.

    We do not yet know what quantity of stock we will receive, but as soon as we do we will advise you.


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  • Hi.

    Now that you’ve received a stock update can you please identify if this stock will include the 64GB HTC One or is it all 32GB models? Can you communicate with HTC (UK) and find out when you will be getting the 64GB phones in? Someone out there must know something!!!

    I look forward to your reply, cheers.

    • Hello.

      Anyone from Clove going to respond to my previous comment about 64GB HTC One?


      • John, Apologies we must have missed this comment!

        The stock that we will be selling currently is the 32GB model. We have expressed our intent with HTC to purchase 64GB models (price and demand dependant). However HTC’s main focus is the 32GB and the current supply issues have a knock on effect to the 64GB models. Currently TC has pushed back launch of the HTC One globally due to component issues and the worldwide launch will take precedent over the 64GB models.

        At this time we can not say when 64GB units will be available.

  • i have been contemplating to order HTC One 32GB black from you guys and import into India. with all the delay, i wanted to check will you be able to prioritize local market (UK) needs over sending it across to India. Wanted to confirm this before i place an order as it looks India launch will be delayed to en of April!


    • Karan,

      We dispatch orders on a date basis, so if you are in the UK or India there is no priority given. We ship orders placed first soonest until we fulfil all orders.

    • Karan, I was also planning on buying from here and importing into India. Are you aware of what would be the estimated custom duty that I would have to shell out?

      • Even i am not sure but a friend of my imported one and it is approximate 6-7% of the goods value mentioned on the invoice. but during a bad day, they can hold the import at ransom to demand more monies. Risk is all you need to take!

      • Custom duty will be like this giving example say if it is worth 100 rs, then cif value is 100 and asess value will be 100+ 1% of cif value.
        Means assess value is 101 now they will charge you 13.5% of assess value.

  • Just out of curiosity.

    If I order today 01st April, when is approximate delivery date?

    I live in Dubai.


    • If you are ordering a SILVER model, we hope to ship out week commencing the 8th.
      If you are ordering a BLACK model then it is unlikely we will ship before the end of the month

  • I ordered an HTC One Silver 32 GB on 28th March 2013. When can I expect it to be dispatched/shipped from Clove UK to Qatar which is where I have ordered it to?



    • Hi Srinjoy, can you please send your request through to sales@clove.co.uk with your order number included and one of the team will be able to provide you with an update

  • Do you have 64GB models now? That Silver HTC one model looks really cool.

    • Hi Marc, the pictures don’t do the device justice, it really is gorgeous in the hand.
      We don’t have any news on the 64GB models yet, HTC are only providing the 32GB version SIM free in the UK right now.
      I would hazard a guess that if the 64GB shows itself, it will likely be exclusive to a UK network for some time before being made SIM free

  • Hi Guys,

    So my order number is CT13032854039AP . So what is the status of my phone?
    Waiting anxiously. Hope it ships to the correct address.

    • Hello Srinjoy, please direct all order update requests to sales@clove.co.uk – if everyone begins to ask for individual updates on this forum then it will become too difficult to keep track of questions

  • Thanks Clove for a brilliant service! My Phone arrived today in Qatar with no issues and no tax to pay either! 🙂

    The quality of this phone is just amazing. Been playing with it all day and still haven’t figured out all of the stuff on it. The sound is simply awesome. Brilliant!

    Many thanks and I look forward to doing more business with you.

    • Thanks for the positive feedback Steve! We hope you enjoy playing with your new One, feel free to let us know how you get on

  • Hi Steve ,
    Could you share your date of order so that we can know about till what date of order has clove shipped the phones.

  • Hi,

    If I were to place an order for the Silver HTC One this week, say Tuesday, could you hazard a guess as to a likely dispatch date?

    Many thanks,

  • Clove you need to tell HTC to get the 64gb version of this phone im looking everywhere cant find it!! 32gb aint enough

  • Indeed. I really want this phone, but without an SD card slot, it has to be the 64Gb version. If they don’t release it in the UK, I’ll have a hard decision to make.

  • Hello,

    Any news on the availability of the black and 64 GB versions ?
    And if i order a silver model when is it expected to ship ?

    • Ziad, we have no details on availability of the HTC One 64GB version. 32GB silver versions currently have a 21 day lead time from date of order.

  • Same question as Tom already asked earler:
    If I were to place an order for the Silver HTC One today what’s gonna be an estimated dispatch date? And black one?
    Many thanks, Alex

    • Alex, it is approx 21 days from date of order for a Silver unit. First stock of the Black units are due in May the exact dispatch date we can not confirm at this time.

  • Please can you tell me what is the estimated time for clove to receive the stock for the one from HTC ?

    • Hi,

      Approximate shipping time for the Silver version is 2-3 weeks. We are expecting stock of the black to arrive in May. You can keep up to date with the stock situation by checking the Please Note box on our HTC One product page http://www.clove.co.uk/htc-one

  • Hi,

    I am interested in placing an order for HTC ONE 32GB BLACK. When is the earliest that you can ship this phone. And would any warranty on this phone be applicable in India.



    • Hi,

      Thanks for your comment. Due to the lack of stock, we currently expect to dispatch orders within 2-3 weeks. Orders are dispatched in chronological order so the sooner you place your order, the sooner it will be sent.

      The warranty will be valid if you use the phone in India, however it may need to be returned to the UK to be repaired.

      • Chris,

        I am thinking of placing an order today. But I just saw the update on HTC one page and it says that lead time is 4 weeks. Does that mean that if I place the order today then I get the phone delivered to me in 4 weeks?



        • Hi Sidd,

          Lead time refers to the amount of time that it will take us to dispatch the phone, not for it to be delivered. At the moment we estimate delivery time to be 4 weeks + the number of days the package takes to arrive to your location.

          It is possible that packages will be dispatched sooner, but at the moment updates are very vague so we cannot supply dates. This delay does not only apply to our stock, it is nationwide, so it is unlikely that you will find it elsewhere sooner.

          I would advise placing an order so as to reserve a machine from our future stock. If the process is taking too long or if you do manage to secure a unit elsewhere sooner, you are entitled to cancel the order and will receive a full refund, provided the order has not been dispatched by the time that you cancel.

  • Hi,

    I’m curious as to what the status is on production and/or delivery of the 64gb devices. I’m aware there is a significant delay on the 64gb model but there has been little to no communication about it and/or why. not interested in 32gb as my sensation has 2gb of storage left on it and that’s 32gb already. This kind of ‘no news’ is making me reconsider this device and perhaps looking at others and my contract ends in just under 4 weeks time. Appreciate that has nothing to do with clove but just wondered if you guys knew anything compared to the abysmal feedback we get from Vodafone. thanks

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately we do not have any further information at this stage – even updates for the 32GB model are vague at this point so it may be a while before we see info come through for the 64GB.

      There’s always the One X+ which has 64GB or of course one of the Samsung handsets that has a microSD slot expandable up to 64GB. It really depends on which type of storage you prefer.

  • I have ordered an HTC One with DHL’s 1-5 Day(s) Service
    I was very upset to a message sent from you (clove.co.uk) saying that my package will be Delayed, since I paid about 40 Pounds to get it 5 days early
    and I got a delay? Unbelievable 🙁

    • Qatan, We are sorry about the delay, but the HTC One is in massive shortage and very high demand.

  • Okay, but I want to get refunded and cancel the order… Will that be possible?
    If not, will I be getting some kind of gift or anything regarding the delay?

    • Sorry for the delayed response. Yes you are welcome to cancel and refund the order, but we are unable to supply a gift.

      • Okay, thank you for responding
        I probably won’t cancel the order 🙂

  • hi,
    i have a question, on site it was an update 21rst of May that says orders experiencing 4-6 week lead time, you next update 24th May you say experiencing 2-4 week lead time. Does that mean that you got some stock and you delivered some of the orders? i have ordered 1 unit on the 17th of April, so i wait 5 weeks already… When will my phone get dispatched?

    • Apologies again for the delay. Unfortunately if you have not yet received a dispatch notification email, your order will not yet have shipped.

      Please contact our sales team on sales@clove.co.uk for more specific information about your order.

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