• Samsung Galaxy S4 will support wireless charging

    By Chris Ward , March 20, 2013 - Leave a comment

    Before the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4 it was heavily rumoured that the handset would support wireless charging. This was a fair enough assumption given that Samsung announced the technology for the S3, but then never released the necessary accessories.

    During its presentation of S4 features Samsung made no mention of wireless charging, which has caused some confusion as to whether or not it will be supported.  However, we have since had details through for S4 wireless charging accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Qi has also announced that its Qi wireless charging standard will be supported by the handset.

    We still await pricing and availability details for the accessories and will provide an update as soon as the information is available, but we do have this official image below of what the wireless charging pad will look like. There will also be a wireless charging cover needed to complete the set up.

    [image name=samsung-galaxy-s4]

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging

    This means that while the Samsung Galaxy S4 will not support wireless charging out of the box, you should be able to buy the necessary accessories at a later date to use the feature. In theory you should be able to use other Qi wireless charging accessories rather than Samsung’s own ones, but we’ll need to confirm that once we’ve received stock of the device.

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  • Fingers crossed they follow-through this time. As a long time cradle fan (mostly just so I can easily see that the phone’s on charge overnight) it’ll be nice to have a system I’m not struggling to line up connectors with last thing at night. The last time I used an easy drop-in style cradle must have been for the Palm V. May have to tinker a little to make sure it’ll work propped up for alarms and notifications, though.

    • Yea it was a pretty shameful last time around. Let’s hope it’s no more than a few months this time…

  • Will Clove get Snapdragon or Exynos version? According to GSMArena, it said UK will be given for Snapdragon.
    Btw, any ideas when will the price be available? Can’t wait to pre-order it.


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