Android coming to new Volvo’s

We have spoken several times on our blog about how certain car manufacturers like Volvo, Mazda & BMW are taking steps to integrate more intelligent systems within vehicles that connect to our phones and mobile devices.

However Volvo have perhaps taken the boldest next step that will appeal to all you technology lovers.

They have teamed up with Neonode to launch a new in-car entertainment and information system which is powered by Android.  It has been heavily customised to integrate with the vehicle and make it more attractive for users but there is a lot on offer.

The 7” touch screen display allows you to complete anything from street level navigation, to web browsing to streaming audio through services like Spotify to creating a wireless hotspot and even connecting  USB dongles to it.

Whilst it may not give you everything that we techies would want from it it certainly shows developments are being made and if this came in my car then I would be pretty pleased. 

See what the new system has to offer in the following promo video:

Now other manufacturers, can you do the same please?!

Source: Slashgear Via: Android Authority


  1. Mike Paterson says

    Excellent News.
    Will do nicely in my Volvo XC60.
    I have a top of the range XC60 fitted with all extras. This is another I would add.

    Thank you Jon

    • Mike Paterson says

      All new Volvo’s have an ability to house a 7″ screen. I already have one to house the SatNav/My Volvo Computer Sense system.

      I would imagine this would be a complete replacement for the above.