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    By Jon , March 8, 2013 - Leave a comment

    20130308_140337The HTC One might be arriving into stock next week, but that has not stopped us getting the accessories ahead of its official launch.

    In stock now we have:

    HTC One HC C840 Double Dip Hard Shell

    HTC One SP P910 Screen Protector (2 pcs)

    HTC One CAR D160 Car Kit

    We have a few hands on photos below.  Videos to follow in the coming days.



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  • Hello.

    Can i just ask will you definetely have this phone in stock for next Fri 15th March in both Silver and Black? If i pre-order, when will i receive the phone? Or have all pre-orders been allocated? Just wondering if you have enough HTC One’s to go around so i don’t have to pre-order and could just purchase one next Fri?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Kind regards.

    • John,

      Until stock actually arrives we can make no guarantees however we are due to receive stock on or around the 15th. Rumours are suggesting a delay (we are awaiting confirmation from HTC). We will provide more information when we have it.

      If you place an order you are always in a better position than someone who has not.

      • Hi.

        Thanks for your reply, very much appreciated.

        Have you heard back from HTC (UK) and confirmed if you will indeed receive stock on the 15th or is there a delay as rumoured?


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