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    Obtaining all the latest Android apps on your smartphone or tablet can become a really expensive exercise, especially if you want to just trial ‘full’ paid apps for longer than the 15 minute window offered by Google.

    You only need to buy 3 or 4 apps a month and you could be easily spending in excess of £10 making app ownership potentially very expensive over the time.

    Have you ever used Nexflix, Spotify, LoveFilm or Sony Music Unlimited?

    They all work on a monthly subscription fee. You sign up, pay a fee each month and you can cancel your subscription at any point. Whilst you pay the fee you can use their services but cancel and the service access stops.

    Mobiroo is a new service that works in exactly the same way; just in this case it is Android apps and not film or music.

    Mobiroo can act as both a replacement or compliment to Google Play.

    The Mobiroo service is focused on bringing quality apps rather than sheer quantity like the Google Play store, meaning with Mobiroo you see only the best apps based on user ratings, reviews and thorough quality assurance testing.

    imageThere is one simple subscription option which is normally $4.99 but there is an introductory rate of $2.49.

    The exact price in GBP will be calculated at the time of subscription, but is roughly £1.65 per month whilst at $2.49 per month.

    There is a real potential to reduce your on-going costs with this service.

    For peace of mind you can benefit form a 100% FREE, unlimited access, no obligation trial of the service for a full 14 days.

    Take advantage of your no obligation FREE 14 DAY TRIAL NOW by downloading the Mobiroo .apk file for Android and start saving money on the best apps available for Android smartphones & tablets.


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