HTC One: How it’s made [VIDEO]

There’s no denying that the HTC One is a truly beautiful phone to look at. We’ll be taking a look at the fact that it’s the first ever handset to be made with a completely aluminium frame later this week, but in the meantime here’s a video that shows parts of the manufacturing process in action.

An electro-chemical etching process to create a nano-matrix structure and a special diamond cutter for some of the precision design, no wonder it takes over 200 minutes to create the body design of each handset…


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  1. Dharmik says:

    It has been told that it take 150 MIN to build just one peice

    • Chris Ward says:

      Either way it’s 2 to 3 hours – that’s some attention to detail that they’re putting into it!

  2. Robert Moro says:

    ABSOLUTELY “Beautiful Design”___Well Done | Simply the “Best___CREATIVE | Industrial Design” to date! KUDOS Design Team!!!