• March of the Droids

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    Are you a self confessed Android fan boy? Love anything that is associated with the little Droid?

    If you fall within this category, then you should be considering attending March of the Droids.

    What is March of the Droids?

    It is a meet up for Android enthusiasts to get together and talk tech as well as put faces to some of the best known names and commentators within the Android community. It is a not for profit event arranged primarily by Gary Weldon (@UbuntuBhoy on Twitter).

    You can expect lots of talk about Android and associated devices as well as a number of presentations from guest speakers.

    How did it come about?

    Like many things a group of regular online communicators decided to meet up and put names to faces and make the whole interaction a bit more personal. It started in 012 as an event known as Glasdroid.  I proved popular but this year it has a new name and is coming further South.

    When & where is it?

    The March of the Droids event is being held from 12AM to 6PM on Saturday 9th March.  Although it is quite likely it will exceed pass these hours for some. It will be held will be held at the Manchester Digital Library (6-40 Edge Street, Manchester, M4 1HN, England).

    How do I get a ticket?

    Whilst this whole event is a not for profit event, there is a ticket cost of £10 to cover the venue and a small spread of food that will be put on.

    To get your ticket and find out more visit: http://www.marchofthedroids.co.uk/

    If you are already planning on attending, let us know in the comments below.


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