• Samsung confirms unveiling of the next Galaxy S for March 14th in NYC

    By Chris Ward , February 25, 2013 - Leave a comment

    Samsung’s next flagship to be revealed in under a month 

    While Samsung will not announce its new flagship at MWC 2013 this week, it will still take a fair share of the limelight simply by confirming that it will announce its next device in a few weeks, such is the interest in its Galaxy S range.

    Rumours have been floating around for a while now about when and where the Korean manufacturer will announce the ‘Galaxy S4’, but JK Shin has reportedly confirmed to Korean website edaily that the big day will be on March 14th. Interestingly Samsung has chosen New York as the location – which many will see as a jibe at Apple – but a Samsung spokesperson is quoted as saying that it is due to ‘overwhelming requests from US carriers’ to announce the device in the US. 

    The main talking point ahead of the S4 release has been the screen size, which is rumoured to be increased to 5″. As yes the name is unconfirmed, but naturally it is widely referred to as the Galaxy S IV. There was huge speculation around the name of the S3 until it was confirmed last year, so it will be interesting to see what Samsung goes with this time.   

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  • I am looking forward for the release date. Then I will decide which phone I will buy (S4 or new HTC One)

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