• Sony Xperia Z supports 64GB microsdxc memory cards

    By Jon , February 22, 2013 - Leave a comment

    imageWe have reported previously that the Sony Xperia Z does not support 64GB microSD memory cards.

    Some suggested to us that it does, we just needed to format the card in the phone.

    It turns this is correct, you can use a 64GB card.  We have tested this on a final production unit.

    As above, you do need to format the card in the phone for it to be read, so you will lose any data already on the card, but a 64GB microSDXC memory card will work.

    [image name=sony-xperia-z]


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  • Yeah, most phones that support micro SDHC will support a 64gb micro SDXC as they pretty much use the same hardware. Only problem with using 64gb micro sdxc cards out of the box is because it comes formatted as exFAT out of the box which is a microsoft propriety format so manufacturers would need pay extra for licensing to include drivers to support it. Which is why it’ll work if you re-format the cards to FAT32 or if there’s drivers for it, to NTFS. Though one weakness of using the old FAT32 format is it imposes a 4gb single file limit on files so you can’t put a file that is bigger than 4gb into it like some 1080p movies.

    • So what you’re saying is that I can have a 64gb card in it, but if I do I can only transfer files that do not exceed 4gb?

      • Basically yes, it’s a limitation of the FAT32 file system. Back when the file system was designed, a file bigger than 4gb isn’t something most users would have but things are different nowadays. You can’t put files that are bigger than 4gb in a drive that was formatted as FAT32 no matter how much available space it has available.

  • Hikari0307 hit the nail on the head. SDXC and SDHC cards are electronically the same, just formatted differently by the manufacturers.
    Windows won’t let you create fat32 partitions normally, but linux will, and so of course will android.

  • But the 4gb limit goes for 32gb too, or can you for some reason format that as exFat?
    I have a 32gb from a previous phone and have just ordered a 64gb, so I guess I’ll find out soon enough..

  • So what is the trick to get the phone to format? I stick one of these in and it just says blank sd card and won’t mount. Waste of money. Ended up trying to manually format it to fat32 using a variety of apps and stuffed the card. So thanks

    • Michael, click on the notification that says it is blank then it should give you the option.

  • I have a SanDisk 64gb SDXC Ultra Class 10, and while it “works” in the Xperia Z, it doesn’t really, because the card disconnects and unmounts unexpectedly all the time, usually when I’m transferring files or opening folders with lots of content. I formatted it to FAT32 too. I’d be upset if it’s just my phone, then we’re probably talking hardware issues? My 32gb card works fine though…

    • Hello Pleco, have you tried using this particular card in any other device / card reader? This would be the first step to diagnosing the issue

    • You can’t use class 10, only 4 or 6. If you search in the internet you will find people with the same problem and the explanation.

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