• Yota E-Ink phone going into production

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    We posted back in December about the Yota Android phone that would have 2 screens. A colour display on the font and a E-Ink display on the rear. According to Android Authority this device is now set to go into production.

    Now the company has announced that it has signed a deal with Singapore Hi-P to manufacture the phone. Hi-P is a fast growing Tier 1 contract manufacturer that specializes in wireless telecommunications and consumer electronics.

    Along with the new production deal, Yota Devices also announced that it is establishing an R&D and Asian sales office in Singapore. This makes sense since that is where the phone will be made and it will make it easier for the company to iron out any production issues. With the production deal signed and a new office in Asian, it is expected that the phone will be ready for sale first, in Russia and then globally, in the second half of 2013.

    We are keen to see this develop, so will be following the story as it develops.

    Source: Android Authority


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  • This phone is a great idea. I use Anquet maps on my galaxy S2 and of course the problem is the battery drain from the screen and the GPS. I cannot stop the GPS when out hiking, but if I can have the maps on the black and white screen then this would give me a longer life battery..
    Keep us informed and let us know when someone has tested this device.

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