1. Chris says

    Hi there. You mention that it already has a screen protector on the unit.. is that actually a removable screen protector or somehow built into the unit itself? Many thanks, Chris.

      • Chris says

        I was trying to figure out if it is worth buying another screen protector for it or just to use it how it comes (with one already attached)? Thanks.

        • Clove says

          I think the one attached would take some considerable work to remove. They are available as separate accessories so possibly worth buying one to go on top.

  2. Erich says

    I’ve bought the Xperia Z with you guys in the preorder, and, by that given time, you said the Headphones would not be the MH-EX300AP, or am I wrong here?
    If so, who has preordered the X-Z will not receive the unit with the MH-EX300AP Headphones, as seen on the video, or will we?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Clove says

      All those that have pre-ordered will get the MH-EX300AP. We were told we would not get them, but we will now.

  3. Ray C says

    If this is the eetail box then that means we are not getting the dock in the box, right? Basically, what shiwn in the video will be what we are receiving?

    • Clove says

      The DK-26 charging dock is not included with UK stock, nor has it ever been confirmed as such.
      After much confusion, we can confirm that the included earphones are the MH-EX300AP set listed on the Sony website

  4. dubaiboy says

    hello clove! i pre-ordered my xperia z today thru your website and hoping you can immediately ship my phone once you got your stocks on 28th.. I cant sleep waiting on it. heheh

  5. jim says

    i heard rumours that samsung g4 is getting the same camera exmor rs sensor the only uniqueness of sony is the design and waterproof feature.