HTC Announcement Tonight

HTC has been teasing us for a while about the announcement it has planned for this evening. The countdown on its website plays an animation each time the figure one is displayed, hinting at the new ‘One’ device that it is widely expected to announce. Going by the timer things will kick off at around 4PM GMT, but no doubt we’ll see a few leaks before that. 

HTC Countdown


  1. Bugblatter says

    No microSdD and no replaceable battery. No surprise, but rules it out for me.

    Also doesn’t seem to support LTE, which is odd.

    They also don’t mention the resolution of the main camera.

    Other than that it looks to be an excellent phone with some very nice new features.

  2. Stephen says

    It DOES support LTE,

    the main camera is 12MP using 3 x 4MP sensors.

    SD card? 32/64gb.. Are you mad? Old techolody which is why the nexus doesnt have it as well

    Any idea about price sim free?

    • Bugblatter says

      I was going by the spec page on the site, which doesn’t mention LTE. I guess that’s because there’ll be various flavours of the phone that support various of LTE. It’s still far from guaranteed that there’ll be a version that’ll support the various flavours of UK LTE, especially since the auction’s only just happened. LTE support isn’t a yes or no; it’s far more complicated than that.

      12MP? 3 x 4MP sensors? No, it’s one 4MP sensor but the sensor pixels are significantly bigger than in other sensors.

      SD cards (well microSD) old technology? That’s rubbish; just because you don’t want or need one doesn’t make it old technology. For many customers, including me, it’s a deal-breaker. We’re not wrong, we just have different requirements than you.

      Google’s been trying to phase it out because it complicates security for multi-user devices, but most users would only want multi-user on their tablet, not on their phone, so it’s daft.

      The best selling Android phone of 2012, by a huge margin, has a microSD slot. The people have spoken.

  3. Stephen says

    If you need more than 64gb onboard storage i think you need to evaluate your life rather than what to delete from your phone….