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    imageI posted a blog last week about the exciting camera features that the upcoming Sony Xperia Z will have on offer. Now I want to take a look at the impressive Full HD Reality Display that Sony have got us all excited about.

    We all know that Sony produce quality and quality alone, Sony have stated that over 60 years of TV experience has gone into their screens, they have been created and tested by BRAVIA’s top engineers.

    So, what can we expect from the Sony Xperia Z display? Well, a Full HD Reality Display should get the senses tingling for starters. The Xperia Z brings you the highest level of HD available with 1080 progressive scan, for incredibly crisp pictures and no jagged edges. Sony claim that we can expect the Xperia Z display to bring us the same quality that you would expect from a top quality HDTV.

    The 5” Full HD Reality Display also has a very high pixel density 443 pixels per inch to be precise. With a pixel density as dense as this you will really benefit when viewing pictures on your Xperia Z, the wide colour gamut will give you the widest colour spectrum, so you can view every detail in vivid colour.

    Sony’s acclaimed BRAVIA Engine 2 is said to deliver an even better viewing experience by adding new real-time contrast optimisation to the sharpness enhancement, high quality colour management and noise reduction. BRAVIA Engine 2 is also able to analyse content type and adjust the image according.

    Adding Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 to the Reality Display makes for the most intelligent smartphone screen – one that adapts automatically to display your content in the best way.


    1. Contrast enhancement: Contrast in images and video is enhanced by making the darkest parts slightly darker, which brings out details in the picture.

    2. Colour management: Colour saturation is increased for specific colour ranges, which makes the colours deeper and more vivid. The intelligent Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 software reproduces skin colour exactly as it appears to the naked eye.

    3. Noise reduction: Distortion and noise is reduced when streaming low quality video from online sources, such as YouTube. Noise is reduced both to individual frames and between frames, for clearer viewing.

    4. Sharpness filter: Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 applies a sharpness filter to increase the overall detail level in the image.This is done by enhancing the edges and contrast without increasing noise.

    Sony have eliminated a layer of air in their construction, bringing the touch panel closer to the display. this OptiContrast panel makes for less reflection and clearer viewing especially in bright sunlight, this also enhances the black surface when the phone is turned off.

    With Sony eliminating the sensor layer and integrating the sensor on the lens, this now makes for a faster experience, the responsiveness of the screen is set to be faster, so your touch is more accurate and effective allowing for a more intuitive experience. 

    Sounds impressive hey? With all these new added features it can only make for a far greater experience, one can only imagine what the web browsing experience will be like..


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  • they’ve been making LCD displays for 60 years? wow!!!

    I seem to recall some early sony android smartphones were actually rebranded HTCs.

    marketing rules the day, still, at Sony.

  • I went to a Sony Center today and had a quick look at the Xperia Z that they had on display. I know a lot of people complain about the viewing angles etc. but in my opinion they look fine. Check out my video:

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