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    Further to a post last week regarding building greater customer satisfaction by providing accessories (here), Samsung have confirmed to us that they are no longer producing a popular keyboard dock for a range of their tablets.

    Samsung have decided to discontinue the popular keyboard dock for the Galaxy Note 10.1, Tab 2 7.0 & 10 due to supply issues.

    Here are Clove we have had a number of customers waiting for us to supply these docks, many of whom had been waiting since November, when stock was last available.

    It has not been disclosed as to what ‘supply’ issues Samsung are having, but from our knowledge there is nothing particularly rare or sought after within these docks; unless we are missing something?!

    imageSamsung are intending to replace these all in one docks with a Bluetooth keyboard and a tablet stand (shown here) subsequently meaning 2 accessories rather than one and inevitably a higher cost and not exactly practical for mobile computing.

    We have been provided a part code and indicative price for the keyboard, but no images, description or dimensions.  It sounds crazy but this is the truth.

    We find this extremely disappointing and believe a company the size of Samsung should be able to deliver such an accessory, especially as over the Christmas period there was a massive push on tablets with a cashback offer up to £50 and by all accounts this was very successful for Samsung.

    Those customers who have invested in Samsung and bought one of their tablets have now been limited by not having the keyboard dock. Whilst not all customers would want the dock, for professional users this was a very practical solution.

    Many customers would no doubt be happy to wait to a point, providing they were updated, but as with many accessories from Samsung there seem to be infinite delays.  Samsung has had great success over recent months and it seems they are putting more effort into getting handsets out than getting the accessories that existing and new customers want.

    Thankfully there are other options available, such as a case that you can manipulate into a stand and too protect the tablet, but for many this are not ideal options.

    Many are investing their hard earned money into these premium products and they are rewarded with complicated cashback procedures and poor support in terms of accessories.



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  • I have no idea where Samsung are going with this but at times like this it is no wonder when people compare Apple with Samsung it is clear just which company delivers on all accounts.
    Apple are quick to deliver the hardware.
    Apple are quick to deliver updates to the ROM.
    Apple are quick to get their own accessories out to customers.
    Apple have a much greater degree of assistance with customer care.

    Although I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, I recently took delivery of a 64GB iPad 4 and as far as the above are concerned Apple have it all covered.

    If Samsung wish to be seen as the Android’s version of Apple they have a heck of a long way to go…..


  • That’s a shame, the stand/bluetooth combination would be pretty hard to use on a lap, and of course problematic on a plane. Personally I love the Note 10.1/keyboard combination, though I haven’t used it very heavily for writing; it might have been better for portability and flexibility if they’d implemented it more as a hinged device, though, more akin to the Transformer or Ativ slate.

  • Samsung makes great accessories but it’s lousy at actually letting people buy them.

    Still waiting on the wireless charging.

    And the Note II dock I ordered from Clove for my gf’s Birthday was cancelled as Samsung has discontinued it.

    If the next iPad has a stylus and a keyboard dock I may be won over…still can’t see me buying an iPhone though.

    • Agree Bug. I didn’t think I would own an iPad but it happened, not just because of Samsung but yes it has played a part in it.
      Like you though I doubt I’ll own an iPhone but then again that is what I said about the Pad.
      Phones though do have a different use and are much more mainstream in the daily way of life. Android phones simply allow us to be more creative. Even some of the tasks we accept as basic (Bluetooth file transfer to name but one) are either impossible or horrendous to achieve under iOS.


      • Well now that I’ve heard more about what jailbreaking enables the iPad is more tempting. But my next tablet will have a keyboard dock and a stylus, so whoever does the best one of those will get my money.

  • Seems they are not shy on stock as several UK retailers are now selling the accessory. I ordered mine on Wed and it arrived on Thursday. My colleague liked it so much she asked me to get one, ordered on Thursday and arrived today.

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