Sony Xperia Z Price and Availability Confirmed

We can confirm that Clove Technology will be offering the eagerly anticipated Sony Xperia Z for the original price of £435.00 EX VAT (£522.00 inc. VAT).

This offer WILL include the free Sony wireless speaker (worth £65) with NFC technology (pictured below).

Those with a pre-order placed with us will receive an email detailing the payment process.

To place a new order for a Sony Xperia Z with Clove Technology click HERE.

We will begin shipping the devices from 28th February onwards.

Xperia Z–Overview


  1. ANKIT says


    my concern is, can we place the order from India also?
    Would the amount remain same for India or will it vary? Also, the smartphones we’ll be receiving would they be unlocked, as I would be needing compatibility with Indian carriers.


    • Clove says

      All our handsets are factory unlocked. You can place the order with our store from India and we will ship it to you in India. The amount you will be charged will be the amount shown on our website in GBP £ and your card issuer will then convert to Indian Rupees.

  2. ANKIT says

    Will there be any return / replace policy, incase if it turns out to be a defected piece?
    Also, I’m hoping getting shipped(xperia Z) would neither cause any harm to the warranty nor violate any policy / guideline, sony would have follwed when launched in India?


    • Clove says

      If the device is defective when you receive it we will replace it.

      The warranty would still be valid but we can not guarantee that Sony in India would support the warranty. They reserve the right to request it is returned to the UK for repair under warranty.

  3. ANKIT says

    The model which is being pre-ordered in the name of Sony Xperia Z is which one out of C6603 and C6602, as Sony Mobile has confirmed the offering of 2 flavors.

  4. jackie says

    Can you ship to Kampala Uganda? i need one like yesterday. am i the one who pays for shipping costs?

  5. ANKIT says

    Also, if it’s being shipped to India via Int Signed Mail courier services, apart from the postage charge, would I also be liable to pay any hidden cost to the courier company post reaching India?

    • Clove says

      Potentially you could pay customs duties, but it is less likely when shipped in by mail rather than courier.

  6. ANKIT says

    The model which is being pre-ordered in the name of Sony Xperia Z is which one out of C6603 and C6602, as Sony Mobile has confirmed the offering of 2 flavors.
    Kindly update me on this as well.


  7. Lau says

    Hey i would like to know if they send a receipt to the billing address of the payment card used?

    • Clove says

      Lau, All orders are shipped with a commercial invoice that will show the billing address. The invoice usually goes with the package to the delivery address (often the same as the billing address). If you are having it delivered to an alternative address we can ship the invoice to the billing address if needs be. We can ship the package with no invoice in it providing it is being delivered within the UK.

  8. ibrahim says

    sitede satmış oldugunuz ürünlerin dünya çapında garantisi varmı. aldıgım ürün türkiye’de garantisi olacak mı, elime gecen üründe hasar yada arıza durumunda ne yapmalıyım

    (Do you have products you are sold on the site throughout the world guarantee. Is the item you receive will guarantee turkey, threw what should I do in case of malfunction or damage to the product)

    • Clove says

      We deliver products all over the world but can not confirm if each individual country will support the warranty of the device. It is always best to ask your local service centre, but they do reserve the right to request that the device is returned to the country from which it was purchased.

  9. afiz says

    i want c sony next model after this 3 in 1 4 xperia combine cybershoot camera 16mp & x-reality engine & w 4 music.. mby 4 xperia X after this……

  10. steve merry says

    My payment has already been taken more than 3 weeks before release date!
    I cannot view my order status on the website as i keep getting an error page.

    • Clove says


      We can confirm that we have your order. It is correct that the money has been charged in advance. We do this to ensure at time of release the stock is allocated to yourself and there are no delays with dispatch.

    • Clove says

      Hello Hend, the speaker offer will continue for pre-orders and may be extended once the Xperia Z has launched depending on stock levels

  11. ANKIT says

    and if I order from India, then what custom duty would I be liable to pay. do tell me for both private couriers and Int Signed Mail.


  12. Adam says

    I have read that it is a possibility that stock may get into the channel next week, are these rumours unfounded?

    Also, if you get stock before the 28th, will you be shipping early or shipping so that pre orders actually receive their purchases on the 28th? What’s the plan?

    • Clove says


      At this time we expect that stock will be available for shipping on the 28th. If however we do receive stock sooner, providing Sony do not embargo us shipping the stock out earlier than this date we would ship the stock as soon as we have it.

  13. Winkel Gonzales says


    Can i place an order now for Sony Xperia Z and is it possible to deliver it here in Saudi Arabia?

    Your response is highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

      • Winkel Gonzales says

        Is the wireless speaker also included if i order now the xperia z? is there any taxes that i needed to pay in shipping to saudi arabia? thank you

        • Clove says

          The wireless speaker is included when you buy the Xperia Z. We are not aware of you having to pay any tax’s but all local authorities reserve the right to charge on certain imports. Best checking locally.

  14. Ankit says

    Hi, Can I place the order from India?
    also, let me know when is the last date to place the pre order.


    • Clove says

      We can not advise on the exact cost in local shops. We can provide only a conversion of the UK price based on current exchange rates.

  15. Ankit says

    Now, since you’ve had hands on both the latest flagships, can you please tell which one out of these 2
    1. Sony Xperia Z
    2. Htc One
    is better?
    Also which has a better camera and internet connectivity.

    • Clove says


      We have not had enough hands on time with the HTC One to be able to make a definitive judgement. Reviews will come in the next few weeks making comparison.

      HTC One possibly has the better feel. As for camera this is a much more detailed area which will be covered in reviews.