Sony Smart Connect

The specifications of the latest smartphones do not have the same disparities that they once had, so deviation is now coming more and more in the software that is installed on the device.

On the Xperia Z, Sony are pre-installing an app called ‘Smart Connect’ which looks to compete with Motorola’s Smart Actions and other similar applications that complete pre-determined task based on a time or particular action on the phone.

For example, when connecting a set of headphones, the music application opens or when you connect a MHL cable, the device switches on WiFi and Bluetooth.

The idea is to make your phone more intelligent and do more for you to give you more time and for the phone to become a more powerful companion.  It is small tweaks like this that make the difference between a good and great phone.  However some initial configuration is required by the user.

It isn’t a new idea but it is interesting to see how they have enhanced the app and it looks really quite polished.  We had hands on with the app on a pre-production Xperia Z but will demo the app on the final production unit.  In the meantime however, here are some screenshots.