New HTC smartphone to have Miracast

It is fair to say that we can often assume what features a new phone will have, but it is always good to have some evidence rather than just rumour before a device is announced.

As we browsed the WiFi Alliance’s website ( as we added the Netgear PTV3000 to our website we came across this:


The above is certification from the WiFi Alliance for Miracast technology for a HTC smartphone known under various SKU codes: PN07XXXXX/PN0713000/PN0720000/

Now we have no conclusive evidence that this is for the phone that HTC are set to announce on the 19th February, but bearing in mind the certification was granted on the 21st of this month, it is more than likely the case.

You can see the certification yourself on the link below:

We will of course find out for sure on the 19th whether the new product will have Miracast, but if it does and you would like to use this feature, you may benefit from the PTV300, details of which can be found here.

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  1. We do not have this info as yet. We would like to think it would be less than £70 and close to Samsung’s AllShare Cast dongle.

  2. Bugblatter says:

    Great news about the PVT3000; I’ll be after one.

    I already posted this in another thread, but here’s something about people’s early (and fairly positive) experiences with it on the S3:

    If it’s any indication the US Amazon has it for $65 (presumably excluding sales tax). From experience that’s likely to translate to £60-70 including VAT.

    By the way Android 4.2 has Miracast built-in, so afaik any phone that has the former should also have the latter. It’s going to get big very fast, first with boxes like the PVT3000 and then built into TVs and even monitors.