BlackBerry Z10 & Q10 officially announced on BlackBerry 10 OS

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Firstly I should start with the pivotal news that RIM will no longer be known as RIM, they will be known as BlackBerry. I know a lot of us already considered RIM as BlackBerry but it’s now official. It’s BlackBerry.

BlackBerry have announced two new Smartphones that are set to launch the new BlackBerry 10 OS.

BlackBerry haven’t revealed too much in terms of the specifications on the two new handsets but they have revealed that the BlackBerry Z10 will feature a 4.2” 356 PPI touchscreen. The BlackBerry Q10 on the other hand has maintained the classic BlackBerry form factor, featuring a physical keyboard and a smaller 3.1” screen.

Register your interest

Although pricing and full specifications are yet to be confirmed we have listed the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10 on the website. You can register your interest by entering your email address in the ‘notify me’ box on the product page. We will update all registered customers with the latest developments as and when we get them.

We also have a range of accessories listed for the BlackBerry Z10 from pocket pouches to charging bundles, again there is a notify me section where you can choose to be notified about estimated due dates for the latest accessories. BlackBerry Q10 accessories will be announced in the near future.

Keep an eye on the Clove Blog for all of the latest BlackBerry 10 announcements over the coming days.