• Crystalusion Liquid Glass Review (Screen Protector Alternative)

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    New age screen protection

    We’ve all been there with screen protectors. Their shortcomings include the fact that they can be fiddly to apply (ironing out air bubbles, removing dust) and in some cases can reduce the responsiveness of the screen and diminish the viewing experience (although it must be said that those at the top of the range keep this to a minimum these days).

    Crystalusion Liquid Glass

    However, the biggest bugbear is that device-specific screen protectors are rarely available when – or even shortly after – a handset is first released. It’s true that an increasing number of devices now use reinforced glass for their displays, but this tends to be reserved for top of the range handsets, which are also those that have bespoke screen protectors more readily available. This can often mean that you have a nice new handset but no screen protector for weeks or even months after receiving it, unless you buy a generic cut to size one which is far from ideal for most.

    This is where Crystalusion comes in handy. It’s a one size fits all solution that can be used with any smartphone or tablet. I won’t go into too much detail as to what Liquid Glass is and how it works as the information is available here on the Clove website, but in a nutshell it’s a solution that is applied to your device and left to dry, creating an invisible, protective layer that offers the same protection as a screen protector and can last for up to 12 months. Some of its key advantages include:

    • Availability – now in stock at Clove
    • Price – £6.99 inc. VAT, rivals that of decent screen protectors
    • Easy to apply and lasts for up TO 12 months
    • Invisible to the naked eye
    • Anitmicrobial protection against bacteria
    • Resistant to water and oil based substances
    • Can be used on all touch screens

    Does it work?

    I have now applied Liquid Glass to several devices – the Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 and the Nexus 7 – and have been very pleased with the results.

    The first handset I tried the Crystalusion on was the Samsung Galaxy Note. We received some product samples here at Clove, one of which I tried on my Note, and having been very impressed with it, decided to range it. I can confirm that it does not affect the use of the S Pen with the Note, as has been asked by some.

    I found that one packet of Liquid Glass was enough to coat the entire Nexus 7. When coating the Nexus 4, there was enough for me to also cover the display of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus afterwards. You could certainly make one packet spread across two smartphones, especially if it’s only the screens that you wish to cover. If you do want to cover the entirety of the device, I would recommend using one packet per device. You could also use one packet to cover the screen of a bigger device, such as a laptop.

    Applying the solution

    Crystalusion Liquid Glass comes in two parts. The first is a wipe to clean the device, the second is a wipe to apply the protective solution. Both will make the device wet temporarily, which is a bit disconcerting but doesn’t cause any problems. Naturally, you should avoid excessive contact with ports where possible.

    So you must first clean the device, allow this to dry (which takes a couple of minutes) and then apply the Liquid Glass solution. When applying the solution you should use the cloth until it is dry, unless of course you plan to  apply it to a second device. During the coating process you should take care not to leave any finger prints or smudges.

    Once the liquid glass solution has been applied, you must leave the handset for 5 minutes before using it (you don’t want it setting with a fingerprint included). It is then recommend that you only use the device lightly for the next 8-12 hours. The ideal time to apply it therefore, as Crystalution points out in its instructions, is just before going to bed.

    After being left to dry on a device for the suggested timeframe the liquid glass is barely visible to the naked eye, especially with regards to the screen. Matte surfaces may have a slight glint to them, so you may wish to take this into consideration before coating the entire casing. There is a noticeable difference when first touching the device again, but this does not affect usage.


    All in all this is a great product and the availability advantage that it has over screen protectors is alone a big enough selling point for me. At £5.83 (£6.99 + VAT) it’s great value for money and the fact that I can apply it the same day that I start using a handset is a massive plus. It’s definitely worth a try if you’ve got a new device that you want to protect, or if you want to buff out some scratches on a current handset.

    Chris Ward

    Better known as 'Wardy', digital media is where his interest lies. Responsible for many elements of the Clove website and external advertising activities, Wardy is our interactive media graduate. Always chilled out, there is never a time when you see 'Wardy' stressed. A keen music follower, he knows his DJ's and how to mix a few tracks together. Always eating, he remains stick thin and is the envy of the rest of us! A very deep character, there are some suprising twists to what Wardy knows and you'll never meet a nicer bloke if you tried!


  • I used a whole packet on my Nexus 4 not long after getting it and the difference is definitely noticeable. There weren’t any big scratches to cover up or fill but the overall result is one I am pleased with.
    The device does feel a little different in the hand afterwards, but that feeling becomes normal with use – mostly it feels a touch slippery. This is probably because the coating is oleophobic (repels oils), so the natural grip of your hand is reduced slightly.
    The upside of course is that once set, the screen and anywhere else you have coated is incredibly easy to wipe clean as fingerprints and dust don’t stick. It’s also good if you use the phone in light rain for instance, because the water wipes off straight away.
    As an alternative to traditional screen protectors I think it’s a really good product

  • Hi, you say that it is invisible to the naked eye. I was wondering if it is clear enough to put over the camera lens on a phone. Sounds like it probably is.

  • Hi Clove, What if the time comes to re apply for a second time? Is it easy to remove the old coat for applying a new coat?

    • The Crystalusion itself is really just an incredibly thin coating, just a few nanometres. Over time, it simply comes off very slowly. If you notice dust / fingerprints etc. sticking a bit more than usual then it might be time for another coat

  • Hi, I have always used screen flims like the Zagg to protech my gadgets. If I apply the liquid protector and then didn’t like the feel etc, how do you remove it?

  • Hend I am just wondering if you have been using screen films which make your phone slightly less responsive and you can feel the drag under your finger but they also scratch up after just a couple of months and need replacing and are fiddly to put on without bubbles
    so to eliminate all these issues what could you possibly not like about this new wonder juice?

  • Hi,

    while applying, it might enter into the mic and Speaker openings. How to handle it or it is fine to apply uniformly. I am looking for HTC one and It has openings grills for sound. Please advise.

    • Hi Surya,

      You should do your best to avoid having it get into the grills and openings, but it shouldn’t cause problems if a small amount does enter them.

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