First Firefox OS Smartphones revealed

Mozilla have unveiled the two devices that will launch their new Smartphone OS to the world. Geeksphone are a small Spanish firm who have been given the task of producing these handsets, the platform is based on the HTML 5 web programming language and is being marketed as offering software writers more freedom than alternatives.

The Firefox OS will run HTML5 apps, which are essentially like websites running within a browser. This may raise a few eyebrows especially since apps for iOS and Android tend to run a lot more smoothly, and with greater features than HTML5 apps.

Keon’ will possess a 3.5” display, a 3MP camera and will be powered by a Snapdragon S1 processor. ‘Peak’ has a larger display at 4.3”, an 8MP camera and a powerful Sanpdragon S4 processor. Although pricing hasn’t been officially announced yet, we expect these devices to be very affordable especially with Mozilla opting for HTML5. This will naturally bring the price point for a entry-level Smartphone down in emerging markets.

2013 is shaping up to be a rather competitive year for operating systems. Not only will Mozilla have to compete against the giants that is Apple’s iOS & Google’s Android; they will also have to compete against BlackBerry 10, Samsung’s Tizen, Jolla’s Sailfish and Canonical’s Ubuntu, although the latter is not expected until 2014. This of course is amongst the already existing operating systems out there: Windows Phone, BlackBerry 7, and Symbian.

How will all of these platforms manage to stay afloat with so much competition? well, Jolla are aiming their target market towards China with it’s Sailfish OS and Mozilla are set to partner with Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica; who will look to target Brazil as well as other emerging markets.

Mozilla are targeting other markets as they feel they have a better chance of their new OS catching on in places where people are trying Smartphones for the first time. There’s no doubting that these handsets will be a great option for those transitioning from mobile to Smartphone.

Geeksphone’s new Smartphones are set to go on sale next month.