• Should Samsung increase the screen size of its flagship smartphone? [POLL]

    By Chris Ward , January 22, 2013 - Leave a comment

    Has the success of the SGS3 & Galaxy Note II paved the way for an even bigger screen on Samsung’s next flagship?

    The success of the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Samsung Galaxy SIII shows that there could be room for Samsung to once again increase the screen size of its flagship device. Both the Note 2 and S3 successfully increased on the screen size of their predecessors and the popularity of the huge screen on the Note II shows that users are becoming more and more interested in a large smartphone display.

    With Samsung having confirmed a 4.99″ Full HD AMOLED display for its 2013 roadmap, rumours are rife that this will be used for the ‘Samsung Galaxy S4’. Sony will be launching the Xperia Z with a 5″ display and HTC has the Butterfly J/Droid DNA. This pegs them halfway between the SGS3 and the Note II, but without the S Pen functionality, they rival the former more than the latter.

    The branding of the Galaxy S series has now become so strong that Samsung has a strong influence when it comes to setting the benchmark for the ideal Android screen size. A jump to a screen size of 5″ would make for a flagship that is an entire inch larger than Apple’s rival offering, the iPhone 5. Apple argues that 4″ is the ideal screen size for the masses, Samsung would suggest otherwise.

    Of course, if a 5″ display isn’t right for you, Samsung still has you covered. There’s the S3 mini with a 4″ display, the recently-announced Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus at 4.3″, then there’s the S3 with a 4.7″ display, the Note with 5.3″ and the Note II with a 5.5″. A five inch device would slot very nicely into the current Samsung range. One of the luxuries of Android is that if you do choose a certain screen size and it isn’t right for you, there is the option to switch to another device fairly easily.

    If Samsung does increase the screen size of its next flagship, it won’t necessarily mean a much larger overall footprint, as was the case with the progression from the Note to the Note II. However, some may argue that the S3 already pushes the limits of what would be regarded as an acceptable size for the mainstream consumer. We’d like to put it to the vote of the Clove readers – would you like to see an even larger screen on the ‘SGS4’, the same size as the S3, or maybe even a slightly smaller screen?

    Chris Ward

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  • I don’t have huge hands and I find the Note2 is only just about useable. I probably wouldn’t buy a Note3 if the width of the body was any larger – a taller device I could live with.

    If there was a Note tablet 8″ then I would probably would have stuck with my old phone (I’ve had the Note2 since very late November) and got the Note8 tablet instead.

  • To be honest I can’t even use the sgsIII normally because it’s just to big for me and I still stick to my old DesireHD with 4.3″ screen which is almost perfect for my not-too-big hand. The problem is, I don’t want to use my second hand to operate with the phone, I just like doing everything with my right or left hand only.
    The only new flagship I can use is HTC 8X which is unfortunately too tall because of 16:9 screen and this makes it impossible to quickly use the button on the upper side for me. So it looks I’m going to switch to iPhone 5, because DHD is reaaaaly aging and annoys me a lot and there are no other good phones with a screen small enough for me and hardware to justify a jump from DHD.

    • Hi Vasily, good comment, there aren’t any major flagship devices I can think of either that have a smaller screen.
      Sony have a lot options – although the recently announced Xperia Z would likely be too big for you. Have you had a look at the Xperia T? The screen is 4.5″, a touch bigger than the DHD but not as big as the SGS3. There is also the Xperia S with a 4.3″, the same as your DHD, and this still runs a 1.5 GHz Dual Core with a 720p HD display and 13MP camera. It might not have the raw power specs of the flagship devices but it can give the iPhone 5 a run for its money along with some others.

      • Yes I’d hoped the S3 Mini would give people the option of a powerful phone in a small form-factor, but it was a big disappointment. I like the S3’s size myself but Android is supposed to be all about choice.

  • I’ve voted to keep the same size, although if they can make the screen bigger without increasing the size of the phone (i.e. smaller bezel) then I’m up for that.

    • The S3 Mini doesn’t quite offer the spec that the name would suggest so I can understand why you were disappointed. Hopefully less bezel and more screen will be the case for the S4.

  • i think that phone have gotten big enough really anything over 5 inches is to big. I’m 6’3 and have pretty long fingers and i can just barely use the s3 comfortably in one handed operation. Instead of making them bigger, they should think about improving screen quality and battery life. cant wait to see the xperia z 1080p screen and what the s4 will look like

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