Sony Xperia Z–Now £435 with a FREE Sony wireless speaker worth £65

Buy Sony Xperia ZWe posted a week or so ago (here) that we had put the Sony Xperia Z up for pre-order.

Today we have a slight update on the pre-order situation with Clove.

If you pre-order a Sony Xperia Z from Clove at a price of £435 (excluding VAT) you will also get a FREE Sony SRS-BTV5 wireless speaker worth £65 included in the price.*

If you have already pre-ordered you will automatically get the discount applied and the FREE speaker included.

This offer is only valid whilst stock lasts, so to avoid disappointment, place your pre-order for an Xperia Z now by CLICKING HERE.

We have too been lucky enough to have some hands on time with a pre-production Xperia Z, you can see all of our coverage HERE.

*Offer available whilst stock lasts – limited stock available. £65 price includes VAT. Clove will endeavour to supply black speaker with orders for a black device and white speaker with white device, but this is not guaranteed. Clove reserve the right to end promotion/offer at any time without notice. No cash alternative.

Buy Sony Xperia Z


  1. Adam says

    Hi, if I pre order this phone, when do you take the money from my card? Is it when the phone ships? Also, do you confirm that I get the free speaker when I order the phone?

    Many thanks,


    • Clove says


      We will contact you during February to contact you and ask you to make payment. So payment is normally taken a week or so before dispatch in this instance. You will get the free speaker.

  2. wen says

    Hi, have you got any information about the releasing time? Is it going to be later than releasing in Japan or China? Thanks a lot.

  3. Clove says

    The price is in GP £ not Euro €. The price is £522 including VAT or £435 without. It depends if VAT applies to yourself or not.

  4. ahmad says

    Hey , what dose VAT means ?

    and Is the phone Unlocked ? cuz I’m not from THe UK

    thanks a lot

  5. Adam says


    Would you be able to bundle the Sony Xperia Z DK26 Charging Dock in with the phone to save on postage costs? I read that the Xperia Z may be released mid Feb – any truth to this or is it still on target for end Feb/March?



    • Clove says

      Adam, you can order the dock at the same time. We hope for it to be in at the same time as the device, but no guarantees.

  6. S. Khan says


    I am from Qatar. Does the VAT apply to my order if i purchase the phone from UK, i.e from clove, and my billing/delivery address is in Qatar? Is the speaker still available with the offer?

    • Clove says

      VAT does not apply to Qatar. The offer is still available to you in Qatar. We do not discriminate!

  7. Michael Duncan says

    Hey, I am just wondering. I am looking to buy this, but one thing that I am so worried about is the “whites” on the Display I hope the “whites” on the Display are as bright as the “whites” on HTC One X. on TechRadar and KnowYourMobile they both say the “whites” are pure white! but on your Videos on YouTube the “whites” Don’t look pure “white” at all! the “whites” on your Videos look actually dull! I don’t know if it was cause you had the brightness all the way down or not, of course I will have the brightness on half way cause if I have it on full brightness it will run out of battery alot faster. but I hope the “whites” are brightness on half way than they were on your Videos. Hope you can help me out on this cause I am really worried cause i like the “whites” being bright on my phone!. Hope you get back too me soon.

    • Clove says

      Michael, I think it was just the brightness settings on our device. The screen is pretty incredible.

  8. Adam says

    I have just read this on Engadget “It’s also popped up for pre-order on Three UK’s website, setting you back £449.99 — with the added sweetener that the first 1,000 customers to sign up will get a free pair of MDR-1R cans to go with. In fact, Sony’s told us that all preorders will get the same bonus.”

    The MDR-1R headphones look sweet indeed with NFC connectivity.

    I think a £300 pair of headphones is a pretty good sweetener, do you have any thoughts on this or is there going to be a similar offer?

    • Clove says

      It sounds a very compelling offer and this is not something we will be offering. Our offer remains that same. We do not limit it to 1000.

        • Clove says

          It is a very good price. However we would question whether 3 will brand the device or load on ‘Bloatware’. We will not be able to compete with that price at this time.

  9. sajid shaikh says

    hey this is sajid

    i m from India (mumbai)!! if i pre order the phone!! can u deliver the phone in my town ?? and in indian currency i.e rupees!! how much i have to pay for that!!! n when i will get the delivery!!!

    • Clove says

      We can deliver to your town, that is not a problems. The cost in rupees will be converted by your card issuer based on the exchange rate. If you select FedEx or DHL delivery it will arrive approximately 4 days after dispatch. It is due to dispatch on 28th February.

  10. no name says

    Hey there,

    If I pre-order Xperia Z, can you deliver it to Qatar?
    Will it come with the speakers u offer?
    Do you have the purple Xperia Z?
    Will it come with screen protector as I saw in some videos on YouTube?
    Will I be able to get a dock delivered at the same time?
    Can I pay when u give me the phone or do I have to pay online using credit card?

    Sorry for having loys of questions 😉

    • Clove says

      We can deliver to Qatar.
      It will come with the speakers.
      We are unable to offer the purple Xperia Z.
      It is likely to have a screen protector already applied to the screen.
      You can order the dock at the same time. This may however ship a few days later as stock of the dock is currently expected a few days later than the phone.
      You have to pay in advance for the phone. We do not do payment upon delivery.

  11. no name says

    I’m talking about the charger… Anyways I saw the charger on your channel on youtube today, and I like it, so I’m gonna buy this phone from YOU & NOBODY ELSE!! 😀

  12. Russell says

    im from india(mumbai)..if i order this phone do i need to pay VAT??
    pls let me know what the total cost of the device would be to ship it to india.

    • Clove says

      Russell, When we ship to India VAT will be removed. The final shipping cost will depend upon the mail service you choose. You can see these costs when you add the item to your basket online. We offer standard mail, DHL & FedEx shipping to India.

  13. no name says

    Umm.. One more thing.. If I pre-order the black Z, I get black speakers?
    Or do I choose at checkout?

  14. Jake says

    When would I realistically get the Xperia Z? I pre-ordered it on the 26th Feb with Special Delivery UK.

  15. Fabian says

    I pre-ordered the xperia Z earlier this month and chose DHL shipping. I am in germany, when can I expect the phone to arrive? Before or after the weekend?

      • Fabian says

        Great, thank you!
        One more thing, when I want to view my order it says there is a problem.
        It reads: “Apologies but there seems to be a problem or the web page you wanted does not exist.” I could view my order beforehand but not anymore. Can you help me?

  16. No Name says

    Hi again,

    I ordered Xperia Z yesterday and whenever I click on “View Order” I get a error, Is that normal?
    Where can I find my tracking number? I chose DHL…

    Thx in advance :)