• Nokia Lumia 920 user creates their own wireless car charger [VIDEO]

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    There’s no doubting that Nokia have wowed a lot of us when it comes to their wireless charging plate and stand; but I hear a lot of people asking whether Nokia are going to release a wireless car charger? It would appear; at this stage anyway that Nokia have no plans to announce let alone release a wireless car charger, so someone has taken it upon themselves to build their own wireless car charger.

    The actual holder itself looks slightly unappealing but this is besides the point, the demonstrator shows what looks like a Garmin vent mount that has been connected via the cigarette lighter fuse box. The Lumia 920 fixes to the charger via neodymium magnets that have been stuck to the inside of the case and of course the Nokia wireless charging plate, allowing for a strong fix.

    Although the holder is not aesthetically pleasing on the eye; you have to give it to this guy, he’s showed Nokia that it can be done with limited resources. So what is taking Nokia so long in producing a wireless car charger? The demand for an accessory like this would be huge would it not?!

    We would love to hear if any our readers have tried modifying any accessories of their own? please feel free to share your thoughts or designs with us.


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