Sony Xperia Z Sample Images

The following are a series of images captured on the Sony Xperia Z.

Images were taken using either Superior Auto mode or normal mode.  Superior Auto shoots images at 12 megapixels whilst normal mode shoots at 13 megapixels. A pre-production device was used so image results may differ slightly on a final production unit.

Click on any of the images to enlarge.


Front facing camera:

No Zoom:

Half Zoom:

Full Zoom:

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  1. Humberto Patricio says:

    Is it my impression or they are a little bit “blur” … ??
    Jon please post some photos at “normal mode”!!
    Br, Humberto.

  2. If I’m perfectly honest, I’m a little disappointed. These all seem more than a little soft in detail compared to my Xperia S, let alone my ancient Sony Ericsson C905 which beats even that (indeed, I’ve yet to come across a smartphone camera that can beat the C905 – it was, and is, brilliant).

    Jon, did you find that images were better when in “normal” mode and adjusted yourself, as is so often the case with phone cameras?

    It leaves me wondering whether they used a Cybershot lens and, if not, why not?

    • Tim,

      It is personal opinion on these images I find so many people have quite contrasting views on whether these or others are good or not. I am not the best person to judge but I do believe ‘normal’ mode gave better results in most cases as these is the ability to play around with the settings a bit or at least select the pre-determined scene.

      Superior Auto mode on several occasions used modes which I would not have used when shooting the scene that I was. Having said this, I think for the ‘average’ user (sorry to categorise) but Superior Auto will be just fine.

      I am sure there will be some tweaking going on with the camera prior to launch.

  3. A little disappointed, nothing special for Exmor RS. Plz show more night photos?

  4. There’s no other way to assess a smartphone camera than using standard charts, the same studio set and lighting like DigitalPhotography does. Time consuming but less room for personal views :

  5. It look like it takes quite decent photos

  6. i’m noticing a lot of abberation. Not too sure if this cam quality is outstanding or just the opposite -_-

  7. I take that John has No idea of how to use a (phone) camera, unless its point and shoot.
    Those pics are very poor quality for 13 mega pix, you must go into settings and adjust
    for better pics rather than using basic settings!

    • Jaima, The shots are designed to represent what the average user would do with the camera.

      • I would suggest reviewers to take two sets of photos. one with normal settings and one with adjusted settings which brings out the actual tone. By this way, readers may get a better picture which words may not explain. hope it helps with your futture reviews.


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