Gameboy used to hold and control Galaxy Nexus

Retro gaming at its best

Project like this always impress me not only for their creativity, but also as a demonstration of the versatility of the Android OS.

In a more decorative version of products such as the GameKlip, this ingenious gamer has attached a Samsung Galaxy Nexus bracket to an old Gameboy controller and then configured it to function as an input method for playing Nintendo games on Android, namely Donkey Kong in this video.

The control pad is powered by 2 x AA batteries as opposed to 4 when it was a Gameboy and the circuit board of a Wii remote has been wired to the inside to do the Bluetooth communication; even the flashing of the Bluetooth LED is visible at the bottom of the controller.

While its creator notes that the setup is ‘very responsive’, it does only have two input buttons, which would make it rather tricky to play some Super Nintendo games that require all four.

Images and video available over at Instrucatbles

Via Reddit


  1. Bugblatter says

    As it happens I’ve bought a GameKlip; the postage from the US came down to a more reasonable level. Also they have a new improved design which seemed worth checking out.

    I got the wired version for simplicity, although I can still use it wirelessly of course (as my S3 has been rooted).

    It works very nicely and the end result is remarkably similar to Nvidia’s new Project Shield but a whole lot cheaper.

    • Chris Ward says

      I have been tempted to give the GameKlip a try, for GTA if nothing else. It’s also a lot less permanent than project shield!

      • Bugblatter says

        Well I’m sure Clove could purchase one for evaluation purposes…

        It’s a neat solution; the PS3 controller is one of the best around. I’d prefer it if the top part of the GameKlip could be folded down for transport, or was easier to apply and remove, but those aren’t biggies.