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    Samsung appreciates that not everyone is whiz kid on a Smartphone, that’s why all of their latest Smartphones come with ‘easymode’ and ‘easytext’  features. This enables new users to adapt quickly to their new Samsung Smartphone even if they haven’t used a Smartphone before.

    Easy Mode:

    imageEasy-to-add contacts allows users to access nine of their favourite contacts from their home screen with one touch. Users can easily add their favourite contacts by touching ‘Add Contact’ on the widget. This widget saves a lot of time when needing to call your family & friends.

    Get your favourite apps with a simple swipe of the screen, scrolling left from the home screen displays the favourite apps page, which users can customise. You can add and remove apps on this page by simply tapping edit at the top of the widget.

    Scroll left again from the favourite apps page and you will be brought to a favourite settings widget that will allow you to access all of your favourite settings such as Ringtones, Wallpapers, volume, font size, brightness and more.

    Easy Mode is fast and intuitive and is easily applied through the settings menu:

    Go to settings: Home screen mode >change from basic to Easy Mode >click Apply

    Easy Text:

    Samsung’s own keyboard allows users to continuously type accurately without their thumb or finger leaving the screen. Just slide between the letters and the device will recognise what’s being typed.The keyboard is designed to recognise and remember how the user types, it actually learns how the users fingers hit the keys and the spaces in between them. After a while this means fewer mistakes when typing. To enable the Samsung keyboard please follow the steps below:

    Go to settings: Language and input>Samsung keyboard>continuous input

    The device gets to know your spelling habits – and can also learn from existing email and social media accounts. Favoured words and phrases are also remembered and in time will be suggested by the device before you have even typed your next word.Choose personalised date settings to enable the database and select online services; this will allow the database to learn familiar words & phrases commonly used by the user online. To enable this feature please see the relevant steps below:

    Go to settings: Language and input>predictive text

    Align the keyboard left or right on devices with a screen bigger than 5″. This way, customers can text with just one hand.

    Go to settings: Language input>Samsung keyboard

    I appreciate that a large percentage of our readers know how to operate an Android Smartphone. This article may be of some use to perhaps a family member or a friend? or someone that may require an introductory lesson on the basics of how to use an Android Smartphone? If you do know someone that would benefit from this article then please by all means share this with them, we would love to know if this article did indeed provide some assistance to a friend or family member..


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