• Is it right for Google to snub Windows Phones?

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    Microsoft v Google – It is an ongoing battle

    The current situation between Google and Windows devices is often referred to as “anti-competitive”, with the search giants making a very public decision not to produce applications that are supported on Windows phone’s. In fact, as far as we can see Google refuses to acknowledge that Windows even has a smartphone platform! Very few apps provided by Google will work on a Windows device, a basic Google search app is available, which is clearly an afterthought. In fact, you’re better off navigating to Google.com within Internet Explorer. The email client on a Windows device will support Gmail, Google contacts and Calendars but that’s your lot!

    Windows must be feeling slightly left out when you consider that Google even manages to cooperate with iOS to a greater extent. Google gives preference to Android devices, for example Google+ was made available on Android a week prior iOS but no sign of it whatsoever appearing on a Windows phone. If this integration is possible then why does Google persistently choose to blank Microsoft’s smartphone platform? Many argue that Microsoft does not have a good app store and that the Windows devices are inferior. The fact that Microsoft’s share of the U.S smartphone market is only 4% may deter Google from allocating resources to incorporate the Windows platform.

    The discussion as to whether Google should begin to incorporate Windows Phone’s is an ongoing one. A petition has been set up to persuade Google to make such changes which can be seen here, they claim that “It is discrimination against consumers if they are being forced to choose platforms based on eco-system support and not their choice.” and that “The rivalry between the vendors is their own and consumers shouldn’t be dragged into it.”.

    However as a consumer whilst we want choice, we often buy into a particular OS for one reason or another, so is it fair that those who buy into one get a better experience than those who want the best of everything.

    Imagine yourself in Google’s position.  If you were in charge would you roll out some of the best features on your Android devices to other platforms?!

    What are your thoughts on this situation? Should Google acknowledge Microsoft as a player in the smartphone market? Or are they entitled to selectively share their services with who they like?

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  • Google will do what they always do – if they can make money developing for Windows Phone, they will. I may be wrong, but my understanding is that Google doesn’t make money licencing Android, so they’ve no financial incentive to favour it. Why should they lose money to subsidise MS, Blackberry 10, S60, etc..? The ‘discrimination’ argument is laughable; does this mean every software developer is responsible for supporting every platform now? Do Microsoft release Excel on Linux, a platform with far more desktop traction than Windows Phone has in the mobile space? If having Google Calendar, Google Maps, Excel, Apple Maps or BB Messenger is a high priority for a user, then they should research the platform availability ahead of purchase.

    • Some great comments Ian. Google make no money from licencing Android. Their money comes in from Advertising on Google and paid search results etc.

      Very valid points about Microsoft office on other platforms.

  • Honestly, I think Google should remove all Google applications from Apple products, ignore Apple as well as Microsoft and allow consumers to choose the device that makes them happy. I see allowing your competitors access to your technology as a losing deal. If the Apple products all lost the Google based applications, how many Apple users would jump ship and follow Google back to Android? that would likely wreck Apple and sink them, and the world would keep moving on just fine without them.

    • Interesting view Larry and one that they have no doubt considered. With the recent maps saga there are probably quite a few Apple fans that Google have won over.

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