• Android receives much anticipated USB audio recording capability

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    USB Microphone options on Android

    Audio professionals seeking an android USB audio recording solution have had their prayers answered. Audio recording and playback is now possible with minimal effort thanks to exTream, the creators of the app. “USB Audio Recorder PRO” utilises USB host functionality to transmit high quality audio, similar to using a Windows or Mac machine.  iOS users have enjoyed this feature for a while now, leaving the android market behind.

    The app allows you to directly connect peripherals such as Yeti’s easy Blue series to create recordings that are saved as .wav files. Here is a full list of known compatibilities. You can then export the recordings to your desktop and even other apps on your phone or tablet! The creators have also provided a multi-track sequencing app allowing on-the-go mixing of tracks. So far the service has been well received on the Google Play Store with a 5 star rating.

    We believe this app has potential for the future, licensing the technology to other developers would see a boom in professional audio recording apps. However for now the app is only available on Android devices at $4 or £2.44 (approx.) a pop in the Google Play Store.

    Via Phandroid


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