*Virus Alert* Norton Antivirus is strongly recommended for Android users

We heard from the BBC last week that Android users are being targeted by cyber-thieves through free games like Angry Birds Space and Need For Speed Most Wanted & many more. The virus remains hidden on your Android device and will proceed to contact numbers and bombard them with spam messages. Read more on the original post here.

We strongly recommend that all Android users opt in protecting themselves from this viral activity. Norton Antivirus is available form Clove Technology and offers the highest protection available to Smartphones to date. We have listed some of Norton Mobile Security’s features below:

  • Prevents mobile threats before they can infect your Android device
  • Protects your device with one easy-to-use web-based service
  • Helps you to safeguard the personal stuff stored on their mobile devices
  • Helps you to retrieve your misplaced, lost, or stolen mobile devices

Get full protection today with Norton mobile Security.

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  1. Good advice re protection, however I wouldn’t have any Norton product on any device of mine – try Kaspersky instead ….

    • Have you tried Norton on a Mobile? It isn’t as many people think. We have been using it with no lag or affect on our devices as yet with over 4 months of use. We are hearing positive things about Kapersky